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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ninja Tune Label Showcase - New Tracks & Mixes in 2013

Ninja Tune has been a "go to" label of mine for many years. It was a key inspiration of mine when I first started to discover "downtempo" music and forms of electronic and international fusion. I had heard a Coldcut track (the artist duo who founded Ninja Tune) on BBC's Radio 1 and Blue Room show back in the early 2000's and I followed the led me to Ninja Tune.

I subscribe to Ninja Tune on - an amazing service that allows users to pay a monthly subscription to a label an in return get ALL of that labels releases in turn as they come out. Ninja Tune releases music from so many amazing artists, including Bonobo, Emika, DJ Food, Kid A, Toddla, Leatherette and more.

Here's a huge set of amazing tunes and mixes that Ninja Tune has released in 2013 from these artists and more. It's 5 hours of amazing music - vibes ranging from downtempo, trip hop, grime, chillout, lounge house and more:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bohemian Club Releases - Jelly Llama, Kurt Baggaley, Neil Brett

Alistair at The Bohemian Club label is fantastic at sending me new tracks from the artists he helps distribute. He recently sent me a slew of electronic tracks that I'm really enjoying. All of them are fantastic, and a few really caught my attention with their downtempo electro lounge style, particularly from these three artists, straight from Alistair (thanks for all the info and music!):  

Jelly Llama - Jelly Llama is Jim Geatches, a musician and producer who has been dabbling in electronica since the 90s. Influenced by Leftfield and Orbital, he combines synthetic loops, subtle percussive layers and obscure film samples, weaving together ambient, minimalistic electronica and breakbeat to create music that cannot be easily categorised. His first release was 'Reveries of Orange EP' on The Bohemian Club last summer and he is currently working on his debut album. Check out "Reveries of Orange" here:

Kurt Baggaley - Kurt Baggaley is a producer from England. He gained attention writing for labels like Electrix, SCSI-AV and Templedog since the 1980's, using mainly analog hardware. He writes and produces under many guises, which allow him to dabble in many styles without putting himself in a box, such as Dr. Futurist (electro), Tactical Systems (techno-bass), Tau Sagittarii (experimental/electronic scores) and under his own name (minimal/synth). His tracks are nice and steady, and the track "Natural Phases" really caught my attention - listen and watch "Natural Phases" here: 

Neil Brett - Neil has been interested in electronic music since he bought his first 12 inch record and watching the film Break Dance. He got into break dancing, collecting street sounds electro albums, and quickly learned how to use drum machines and synths. At sixteen he bought his first keyboard and was heavily influenced by acid house, at least as much as he can remember. Check out the track "EasyK" below and you'll hear the influence....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mix #5 + Label to Watch: Bohemian Club Soundtrack (Episode 7) + Future Dub

The Bohemian Club is a new music label I've been following since its inception. Alistairr - the man behind the Bohemian Club - does a great job showcasing downtempo talent via his mix series The Bohemian Club Soundtrack.

In Episode 7 of the Bohemian Club Soundtrack, Alistairr ties fantastic tracks together from artists and producers around the world. This is certainly a chillout mix, with ambient elements and atmospheric lead-ins to rewarding, jazzy drum breaks and cool melodic synths. Definitely listen for a chilled evening - you won't be disappointed. Plus, check out two other dub songs I'm particularly enjoying right now from The Bohemian Club, called FUTURE DUB:

Track List for "Bohemian Club Soundtrack - Episode 7":
1,Rykard - North Cormorant Obscurity
2,Conrad Schnitzler- Ballet Statique
3,Mister 1-2-3-4 - The bones will stay
4,Jon Brooks- Regie
5,Mordant Music - Pissing in Sinks
6, Walls-Raw Umber/Twilight
6,Oneothrix point Never- Sand Partina
7,Hyph mngo- Joy Orbison
8,The Advisory Circle- As the crow files
9,Theo Parrish- Summertime is Here
10, Raiders of the Lost Arp- Night time (Rude 66 Forever Darkness Remix)

Plus, here's the FUTURE DUB tracks that I'm really grooving to. I connected with Alistairr about these songs and this is what he shared: "Modern dub and reggae producers usually fall into 2 categories: either very traditional and follow the King Tubby route or they are dubstep influenced. Future Dub is centered around the main trumpet/sax/organ interaction which is a key feature of most of my dub productions, and is highlighted here. The sound I tried to create uses the traditional template - combining edgy samples and effects, to create an atmosphere of mystery and surprise." Keep up the mystery and surprise - its working!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Label & Mix: The Bohemian Club

I've recently become interested in the work of Alistairr Read - a London downtempo and electronic producer. His work is a mix of chillout downtempo and lounge house electronic, with light melodies creating weightless overtones throughout. He also runs The Bohemian Club - a blog showcasing a variety of music ranging from traditional downtempo to various electronic styles.

From his success as a producer, music mixologist, and blogger, he has recently launched a music label under the same name - The Bohemian Club. Alistairr's label will release music ranging from "downtempo, to dub, to electronica and beyond" (his words). His label will showcase artists and music that break the "predictable mould of current electronic music and creates a path of its own." I love the spirit of this project and look forward to the range of downtempo sounds it produces.

Here is a mix by Alistairr of the type of music he finds inspiration from and is seeking to promote via his label - remember, if you're a DJ/producer/artist send demos to The Bohemian Club here:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Solid Steel Radio Show 5/25/12 - Funk & Soul Edition, by Coldcut, Dobie & DJ Irk

Every edition of Coldcut/Ninja Tune's Solid Steel Radio Show is a treat. Its not always exclusively downtempo music, but they always feature a different selection of downtempo styles. The last show I really enjoyed (HERE) focused on downtempo trip hop with some glitch, and this show is completely different but equally entertaining - featuring funk and soul, with a bit of Amon Tobin, trip hop and electronic sounds to finish it off. This show features the "godfather" funk fusion Chuck Brown, along with artists he's influenced, including Nas, Chris Turner, the Beatles, and more.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

OHM Dedication Series #2: JD Twitch x Adrian Sherwood

The second mix in the OHM Dedication Series showcasing legendary and behind-the-scenes influential artists is another must listen. This mix - JD Twitch presents Adrian Sherwood - showcases downtempo dub and industrial electronic music produced by British artist Adrian Sherwood, including his work with Lee "Scratch" Perry, Prince Far-I and Tackhead, among others. (Paraphrased from One-Handed Music's description via SoundCloud) There are two parts to this 3-hour mix - the first is more electronic and industrial oriented, the second is more dub oriented:

Here's more about the mix, direct from One Handed Music via SoundCloud: "As one half of Optimo, JD Twitch is amongst the most respected DJs in the UK and his free-spirited genre-hopping approach makes him one of our favourites too."

"JD Twitch says it best: 'For my ears, Adrian Sherwood is the most sonically innovative producer the UK has ever given birth to. If you don't know anything about Mr. Sherwood or his ON U Sound label, either do a bit of Googling, have a listen to this mix or read this interview I was fortunate enough to conduct a couple of months ago (when he was in Glasgow) that is on the Racket Racket website.'

JD Twitch continues: "In my late teens and early 20s, Adrian Sherwood's work impacted on me more than anything I had previously heard and made me think about sonic possibilities in a completely new way. I would buy any record he had been involved with unheard and got into a lot of other artists purely because he had been involved with making their records. Indeed, my nom de plume "Twitch" came from a record he produced. It was a complete labour of love to do [this mix] and a revelation to hear how fresh and wild this music still sounds."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ancient Astronauts - Orion Nebula Remixes Review - ft. ESL artists & friends: Second Sky, J-Boogie, Kabanjak, Subatomic Sound System, more

Ancient Astronauts recently released a remix album that features a ton of ESL Music (Eighteenth Street Lounge - Thievery Corporation's label) artists and friends. Ancient Astronauts are an international trip-hop duo from Germany that have dropped two previous downtempo hip hop albums through ESL Music. This remix album features great producers and artists that hail from ESL Music and other labels that put out great downtempo. Their guests include: J-Boogie, Subatomic Sound System, Entropik, Thomas Blondet, Second Sky, Kabanjak (one half of Ancient Astros), plus more.

This remix album takes Ancient Astronauts unique hip hop sound and adds a variety of international flavor, ranging from dubby reggae and afro-beat rhythms, bouncy funk, chilled lounge snyth melodies, and more - all with atmospheric ambiance that gives this remix album a texture that is distinctly ESL.

Listen to a mini-mashup of the album here, and you can get the album via Amazon here or iTunes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OHM Dedication Mix Series #1: Beautiful Swimmers present Don Cherry

I recently received a mix from the One Handed Music (OHM) label and the Beautiful Swimmers out of Washington, D.C. that educated me about a legendary jazz artist who influenced the downtempo music that I love today. This mix - the first in the forthcoming OHM Dedication Series - was curated by Beautiful Swimmers (musician based in D.C.) to showcase the influence of Don Cherry - an African-American jazz musician who helped pioneer and showcase avant-garde jazz around the world from the 1950-70s, playing with legends such as John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins. Listen to the mix and keep reading to learn more about Don and his jazz and world fusion sounds:

Don Cherry specialized in the jazz trumpet and cornet - a compact version of the trumpet that creates mellower sounds. He was a jazz purist who emphasized the power of the single note, but didn't hesitate to use "smearing" techniques to bend and blend notes to create distinct sounds. Over the years, in his own exploration of music led him into world fusion where he experimented with Middle Eastern, African and Indian sounds.

I've been listening to and showcasing a lot of electronic music these days, but i'm really glad I got this email from OHM label turning me on to their dedication mix. Jazz is such an important influence on music in general, especially on the downtempo music that I love, ranging from trip hop to acid jazz. This is incredible listening - you'll hear the jazz, the world fusion, and the old meshed with the new.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Suburban Dream - Wandering Around

I've been following Suburban Dream for a few years and his latest - "Wandering Around" - is a downtempo piece that builds with elements of jazz and hip hop, giving it great texture, which is no coincidence considering this track is, in his words, "actually a tribute to Mark Farina's acclaimed Mushroom Jazz series which Ciaran [the man behind Suburban Dream] has repeatedly found inspiration from over the years. It builds beautifully, wrapping the listener within a curtain of sound." Suburban Dream continues to produce great chillout tunes that perfectly toe the line between ambient and head-noddin' electronic lounge music. I'm always excited to hear the latest from Suburban Dream - all his work maintains a dream-like quality (no pun intended) created with light synthetic sounds and pointed percussion that together carry a ton of weight. His songs are aptly named to fit the stereotypical suburban experience - "Wandering Around [looking for my friends]" "We Long To Be" and "They Start Out Using." As I was checking out his latest , I was also surprised to find a track that I hadn't yet heard: "We Long To Be" This downtempo track has a simple lyrical phrase punctuated with drug references and this sense of yearning, that is lifted by synthetic sounds that lighten the track and put it into the clouds (an effect of the drugs maybe?)

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Gramatik EP - #DigitalFreedom - Pretty Lights Music label

Gramatik (Pretty Lights Music) released a new EP last week called #DigitalFreedom. His sound is historically hip hop driven (like most Pretty Lights Music) with gritty funk elements and less electronic sampling than other PLM artists such as SuperVision, Paul Basic or Paper Diamond.

#DigitalFreedom maintains the foundation of downtempo hip hop but brings in a much stronger electronic element (mostly dubstep oriented) than his previous work. I've heard this shift across many of Pretty Lights Music's latest releases. Fortunately, they all incorporate new sounds without sacrificing the style that their listeners have come to appreciate. This is true for the new Gramatik release. It really does meld his style with new elements, and there's a healthy balanced mix of really organic hip hop samples and synthetic downtempo electro. Listen on SoundCloud and download his new album on Pretty Lights Music for free:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio Show - 3.30.12 - Stream & Download, expert trip-hop mixing & sampling by Coldcut, Yppah, DJ Food

Ninja Tune founders Coldcut and guests always produce incredible mixes for the Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio Show. This month's is an amazing mix of contemporary and classic UK trip-hop tracks. The sampling and mixing is immaculate - no easy feat. Big props to downtempo veterans Coldcut and their guests this month Yppah and DJ Food. For those of you who aren't as familiar with Ninja Tune: Ninja Tune is a legendary music label that features downtempo and trip-hop artists, DJs and producers from around the world that are personal favorites of mine, including Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Coldcut, Kid Koala, Mr. Scruff, Yppah, DJ Food, DJ Vadim, and many more. This is one label I always recommend following.

Here's the full mix, to stream and download for free via Soundcloud, and the full track list at the Solid Steel website:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghostly International Promo Mix by Shigeto - via MixMag - featuring Com Truise, Mux Mool, Matthew Dear, more

I love the downtempo, trip hop, eclectic electronic music label and curator Ghostly International. They do an incredible job of mixing sound with art and design - the Ghostly web site features all sorts of cool design projects, ranging from clocks and watches to original art prints and limited edition vinyl from the Ghostly artists.

I also love MixMag.

MixMag just posted a great profile about Ghostly along with a promo mix by Shigeto - an artist on Ghostly - that you can download for free. Check out the article/profile here on MixMag and DL the mix too:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nacional Records FREE 24 Song Music Sampler - Several Styles of Latin Flavor, fit for the Downtempo & Eclectic Listener

I like to listen to international music and keep influences wide ranging, so I jumped at downloading this 24 song music sampler that Nacional Records (a popular latin music label) sent me - I gotta say I really enjoy most of the songs here. They range from latin DJ breaks, funk, folk, hip hop, dance and bossa nova inspired tracks. This sampler is only available for free until JANUARY 31 so jump on it now. All you have to do is copy the DL redemption code and paste it into iTunes - works like a charm:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Party - Pretty Lights, Gramatik, SuperVision, Mos Dub, Mr Scruff

I recently DJ'd my MBA program's "Ugly Sweater" holiday party and was really excited to introduce my friends to my DJ and music style. Here's a small but representative selection of tracks I included in my set. Enjoy! Gramatik - Beatz&Pieces Vol. 1 by Gramatik Mr Scruff "Music Takes Me Up" (feat. Alice Russell) by Mr Scruff Time Has Written by ThatSuperVision Pretty Lights - Fill Your Eyes by prettylights Mos Dub by Max Tannone

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