Saturday, April 30, 2016

Downbeat Lounge Selection Vol 6 - April 2016 Wrap Up

Here's what i've been listening to for the past month. A mix of always funky, deep, chilled and sometimes amped up tracks to create an ebb and flow of sound and energy. My favorite track in this list is the new one by Thornato called "Chapinero" - a really fun international house track off Wonderwheel Records (Brooklyn/NYC).

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PantyRaid - Wanting Moves

OMG this song is fire. I post pretty much anything that I'm digging on this site, but sway toward downtempo and eclectic funky vibes. Um, this is a bit different. This technically is downtempo / mid temp coming in around 95BPM, but DAMN this is just a bangin track that I can't get enough of.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Downbeat Lounge Selection Vol 5 - March 2016

Here's 15 new tracks, selected and curated by EROK, just for you. This is the Downbeat Lounge Selection - Vol 5 (March 2016). Meant to chill and listen and enjoy as you see fit. This selection features beautiful new bass and melody from Monstercat - one of my favorite labels. There are two Monstercat tracks in this selection - "Lark" by Direct, and "Clouds" by Loosed. Both are airy songs with reverberating baselines and organic, natural melodies - nice 70-90 BPM brooders.

"Musical Genocide" (Grzly Adams Edit) by Gregory Porter is a jazzy break beat - straight forward and groovy jam. And my other favorite in this selection is "Platforming" by Kneebody and Daedalus, an amazing collaboration that I got to see live a few weekends ago at Le Poisson Rouge - my favorite venue in New York City. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I posted my latest downtempo mix --> Crescendo Breaks. The title refers to how I approach my mixes like stories - I start w/ a foundation, layering on sounds, themes, and creating an arc that lends itself to listening to the mix the whole way through.

This mix is a selection of tracks that starts out chilled, with some hip hop beats, and crescendos into funky and electronic breaks. Featuring tracks by Gramatik, Thievery Corporation, Nickodemus, Mr. Scruff,  and remixes of Fugees, Nelly and Missy Elliott.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

FREE DOWNLOAD - Knowa Lusion - Press Da Break

This new release by Knowa Lusion on Street Ritual records is a wavy tribal trap break with reggae vocals and an airy guitar riff that gives it levity - making this a steady track to use in any mix as a featured track for layering or as a nice transition piece.

However you use it - listen, mix and enjoy - because I've had this break on repeat for two weeks. FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD:

Friday, March 4, 2016

JBoogie Dubtronic Science - "Live in the Bedroom" Mix

JBoogie and his Dubtronic Science flow always mesmerize me. Some of my favorite songs and beats come from his mind and energy. His mixes are always on the same level of downtempo electic vibes. Some chilling music for the weekend here:

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spundose - Relatives (new Street Ritual release)

Spundose is one of those rare tribal bass and glitch artists who maintains a downtempo vibe that balances between ancient and future sounds without devolving into a mush of dubstep wobble. So many times, these "psychedelic" bass albums are really just percussion layers with haphazard dubstep  sounds that evoke drunk aliens crashing into each other on some inter-dimensional highway.

"Relatives" - the new album from Spundose - breaks that mold. It flows more akin to experimental hip hop if ancient Mayan ancestors got high on peyote and pre-dated J Dilla. The album is a simple and refreshing downtempo experience of deep psychedelic bass, occasional glitch elements, and wavy electronic melodies that take you to another plane of consciousness.

Download the album on Bandcamp and listen here:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Turntables on the Hudson Vol 8 - Presented by Nickodemus

This album is an oldie but a supreme goodie. Amazing how something released 5 years ago in music-land is considered "old." But i'm a true believer that any song, forget how "old" or "new" it is - if it's got a good beat and a vibe that you can feel in your gut and in your heart and in your legs, then it doesn't matter one damn bit.

Turntables on the Hudson is a great party based out of NYC, and many years running hosted by Nickodemus and the Whonderwheel crew - his label. This collection embodies the international and eclectic vibe that makes these parties so fun. Just start listening to the first track by Mr. Scruff and you're hooked. Enjoy!

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