Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Suburban Dream - 26 EP (this is special)

I consider Ciaran of Suburban Dream a friend. I've never met him, but when I was first getting into DJing and writing about music, he was also starting to share this stuff with the music blogs. It was many years ago and still one of my favorite tracks to play in my downtempo DJ sets is his song "Wandering Around".

He shared this latest EP with me, a beautiful album inspired by his mother. It is four tracks of glistening, sometimes ambient, melodies over simple but layered percussion. The arrangement of the sounds create a perfect chillout mood to relax and enjoy a blue sky and focus on good memories and good vibes. Definitely introspective in places. My favorite track is "The Power of Doubt" - a track that builds and swells and rides on a light piano riff, and sweeping yet driving drums and synths. Check it out here and buy it for only a few bucks on Bandcamp: 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

EROK - Lifted Epilogue - Downtempo Mix

I had this feeling that my previous mix "Lift" just wasn't over. I followed my energy and created this "Lifted Epilogue" - a continuation of "Lift" and an end that brings together the balance of light and dark energy that I generally feel throughout the course of a mix. Best enjoyed chilled.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Time Traveller LP

Jenova 7 is a 25 year old downtempo trip hop artist based in Boston. He came on my radar a few years ago and his stuff keeps getting better and better. Mr. Moods is a Canadian producer. I'm not sure how they hooked up but i'm glad they did. I'm really diggin their new LP - "Time Travellers"  It's a great collection (12 tracks) of downtempo beats. Listen here, enjoy and stay chilled --> 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ricardo Villalobos - Minimal Set and Fireside Chat

My DJ friend Nicholas.AM turned me on to Ricardo Villalobos recently - a minimal tech house DJ and producer big on the international festival circuit. I stumbled across an older mix of his interspersed with an interview "Fireside Chat" with him by Red Bull Music Academy. I love his quote about how music is emotional and if we take too much intellectual approach to it we often complicate it or risk its purity. Listen to the mix and interview below:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Liquid Stranger - Anomaly Mix

I feel like I discovered a hidden treasure right beneath my nose - except that I didn't b/c Liquid Stranger has over 100K followers on Soundcloud so I am well behind on this one! But damn I'm glad I found it. Liquid Stranger is a producer out of Scottsdale AZ who makes the most amazing wonky dub sounds with hip hop and reggae sounds and vocals. I've been listening to this mix on repeat for the las 24 hours (literally) and just downloaded a slew of his tracks to add into my own mixes. Check it out:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality Remixes out Feb 24 (preview and free download)

You must know Glitch Mob to know trip hop and, of course, glitch. I can't wait for the remixes to drop on Feb 24 to Glitch Mob's amazing Love Death Immortality. 18 tracks remixed by Bassnectar, Starkey, Filous, Chrome Sparks and more. It's going to be an incredible collection of remixes. Before the release on Feb 24, you can get a free download of "Our Demons (Filous Remix)" - i'm already drooling about how to drop this track into my next mix. And previous all the remixes below: 

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