Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Music at your Fingertips - MixCloud and SoundCloud

I've been seriously preoccupied with some music aggregators that just blow my mind. I'm not even sure how long MixCloud or SoundCloud have been around, but they've provided me with so much great music since I discovered them through Twitter several weeks ago.

Sharing music online is not new, and these sites aren't new either, but for our downtempo crowd, these two sites offer radio, mixes and original music with a great selection that meet our listening preferences. MixCloud offers mixes, streams and downloads from radio stations and artists you can follow, and SoundCloud is more focused on individual artists, but both are very similar.

Go to each site and type in your favorite artists, DJs or radio stations and start following them. Great sites for the music we love.

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