Friday, February 12, 2010

Thomas Blondet feat. Zeebo

I'm finishin up the day job and turn to Soundcloud for inspiration to get ready for my DJ set tonight at Channel Cafe in Boston. I listened to a bunch of tracks and just absolutely got stuck on this amazing downtempo track from Thomas Blondet "Echo Chamber feat Zeebo". True to his Rhythm & Culture Recording fame of putting incredible modern features to eclectic world music, Blondet strikes a perfect balance between chilled, downtempo house and reggae with this track. I love these types of tracks that mash two different styles and make it feel so natural, so smooth, like ONE. Anyway, listen's chillin and thrillin at the same time:

Thomas Blondet "Echo Chamber" Feat. Zeebo by Thomas Blondet

Here's another Thomas Blondet work - a remix of Sola Rosa's "Del Rey" - gotta share this too:

Sola Rosa "Del Ray" (Thomas Blondet Remix) by Thomas Blondet

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Mix - Properly Chilled guest DJ set at The Sounds Of Now (2.5.10)

zSHARE - The Sounds Of Now - 2-5-10.mp3

Properly Chilled treated The Sounds of Now radio show listeners (out of upstate NYC) to a deep and dubby guest set on Friday night. Click the link above to stream or download his mix. It's always exciting to hear one of your favorite DJs getting air time, reppin' downtempo DJs all over and bringing "the sounds of now" to a mass audience. No doubt, Properly Chilled had listeners grooving in no time.

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