Friday, December 18, 2009

$300 gets $30 million

Wow, this stems from a popular story on Digg this week. This Mexican short film was made for $300 and Hollywood is investing $30million, including bringing on the creative folks behind the short film, to make a full-length film. Frankly - I'm more amazed that this was made for just $300. And just to make this music related- notice the intense, brooding soundtrack and how it builds over the 4 minutes. Great use of music to set tone and mood. (granted this was the theme from 28 Days Later - but it worked there too!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suburban Dream does it again...

I first wrote about Suburban Dream Recordings more than a year ago when I had a listen of the Dublin, Ireland-based crew's tracks "Music" and "They Start Out Using." I really enjoyed their vibe, bringing a deep, yet laid back lounge style that borders on ambient, but grabs you at all the right times with a lot of spoken word riffs over catchy synth hooks, anchored by solid downtempo beats throughout.

So Ciaran - head dude over at Sub Dream - sent me their new single "We Still Do It", just released a few weeks ago, I had a hunch I was about to listen to something special. "We Still Do It" still does it. The track is super smooth with a hint of grimy dub, and Sub Dream's signature spoken word, to add the edge it needs to make it interesting throughout. Check it out at the Soundcloud player here, and click the link above to hear more tunes directly at their web site

Suburban Dream - We still do it by Suburban Dream

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miike Snow

Ok, I can't get enough of Miike Snow. The band has this amazing minimal, raw quality to it even though much of it is synth and electronic based, even the lyrics are primal - many songs have to do with deconstructing ourselves to our raw form - at the end of the day we're in survival and animal mode. Its borderline downtempo house, with a folksy vibe. Every time one song comes through my iPod, I end up listening to the whole album.

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