Friday, April 10, 2015

World Sound Exploration: Sahel Sounds - New Mali Music

One of my favorite things about music is learning different styles and interpretations around the world. The instruments, sounds, rhythms vary everywhere - no two places are the same.

I've really enjoyed this podcast of music from Mali. It's a mix of modern Mali sounds and educational too, talking about the history of Balafon (Malian street party music), specific instrumentation and file sharing through cell phones and MP3 street markets. It's a mix of Mali folk, hip hop, tribal rhythms and it is FUN. Click play & listen with open ears - you're going to enjoy and learn a thing or two!

Shout out to Sahel Sounds Bandcamp- the record label and blog that brings this to us all the way from Mali, via Portland --> Sahelsounds is a project begun in 2009 exploring the cultural and musical phenomena of the Sahel region of West AfricaThrough field recording, interviews, video, youtube archeology, cellphone data collection, sahelsounds uses archiving to transmit a story.   

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