Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rare Korean Jazz Grooves by DJ Soulscape - Turntable Lab Radio Mix

I've been listening to a lot of Turntable Lab Radio over the last few weeks, digging into their mix archives. This particular mix has really held my attention - it's all vinyl rare Korean jazz from DJ Soulscape - a Korean DJ and producer based out of Seoul.

Here's more about DJ Soulscape from The Creators Project: "DJ Soulscape is a wildly impressive Korean DJ and producer based out of Seoul. Deeply influenced by 80s hip-hop, his parents’ extensive collection of soul vinyl, and his engineering background, the musician is a culmination of diversity and contrast. Soulscape composes and arranges electronic symphonies reminiscent of K-pop, yet innovative in style and genre. The artist has been praised for his side project 360 Sound, a party series founded in 2005, that curates regular performances by influential Korean DJs."

Check out his Turntable Lab Radio mix here, and learn more about his approach to mixing and producing via The Creators Project:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

E4RTH - "It's Where We Live" - Earth Day Edition!

Happy Earth Day! Earth gave us rhythm - its rooted in our planet, in the vibrations it sends forth, and in every one of us. It gave us energy and instinct to transform rhythm into movement.

E4RTH sent me their track "It's Where We Live" to celebrate our Planet. This bouncy moombahton remix (get ready for latin drums and sires) represents their take on Earth Day. Similar to mine, its not about planting trees, rather celebrating everything the world has given us - both "natural" and "unnatural." Think about this - how are man-made creations any different than those found in the "natural" world? After all, everything we do or create is a product of this planet, it made of the same elements and vibrations that created us in the first place. So listen to E4RTH, and also check out this Earth Day-appropriate track "Beautiful World" from Amirali that I thought was a great addition to our Earth Day listening. Enjoy!

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