Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David August - Her Myth (free download) and Boiler Room Live Mix

David August is a 22 year old German DJ and producer who was named one of Resident Advisor's Top Live Acts in 2014. His Boiler Room set shows why - it is a perfect mix. The deep house set is the perfect pacing, pairing of beats and sounds, vocals exactly when you want then, and yet so simple - its no frills, just perfect execution in every way. This is the kind of mix a DJ aspires to. Watch and listen to the Boiler Room set here - and download David's latest track - Her Myth - for free:

Monday, February 2, 2015

CHIMS - Truant Heart EP - chillout

CHIMS - norweigian electronic producer - brings us a new EP called "Truant Heart", it is very chill and beautiful. It's a true "chillout" album, with downtempo tunes that almost become ambient, but always hold an interesting beat to ground it in some rhythm. My favorite track is "Shielded" which has twinkling piano riffs, haunting vocals and dusty percussion.

Check it out - easy chill listening:

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