Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eno as Soundtrack

A few posts ago I brought up the idea of ambient and chill-out music as perfect movie and TV soundtracks. Film and shows often use the underappreciated mood music to set the tone of some scene or dialogue. I'm working on a video right now at work to convey a new philanthropy program to a client of mine, and the music is a major piece of what's making or breaking it. (In fact, in the storyboards i developed, I describe the ideal soundtrack as "ambient")

So skip to today, my buddy and I are driving home from a day snowboarding, and I put on the Trainspotting soundtrack. As Brian Eno's "Deep Blue Day" comes on, my friend immediately say, "oh!! this is from the scene where they get high on heroin for the first time!" The reason he remembered that scene? B/c of Eno's perfectly synced lullaby, a beautiful soundscape that makes you feel like you're floating, or high.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Endorsement - Dancing

This weekend I danced, I found spots and events where i could dance to the downtempo breaks i love, and the house and techno that make me move.

Thursday night I started slow, going to Bar 10 in boston for a swanky warm-up: no dancing, just mingling and grooving to some euro-lounge for my friends birthday. Then to the Bee Hive in boston's south end. Very cool acid jazz spot where they don't really help you out unless you know what you're doing - where to stand, what to order, how to dress. Sounds pretentious, but it was not. Head downstairs to the cavernous bar and listen to live jazz with a cocktail, or get dinner reservations and spend an evening up close and personal with your date and the band.

Friday was when the real dancing began. Went to a live bossa nova show at Estate. I was expecting a pretentious Boston clubbing crowd, but was treated to a lovely, eclectic mix of people, art and music ranging from the promised bossa nova, to Brazilian drum & bass, and then to a beautiful mix of creative deep house - courtesy of my DJ friend, Enrique Florendo ( I danced all night and headed home exhausted.

Saturday was spent with Niressa, who introduced me to Underbar and the afterhours club Rise. This was truly a clubbing evening, mostly techno and house, and lots of water and Monster after the alcohol stopped flowing at 2. I hadn't stayed out so late in months, and i had a fantastic time, moving with the beats.

So it was an electronic, eclectic and electric weekend, of friends new and old, and me doing what i love and resolve to do more.

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