Saturday, January 31, 2015

GRiZ - Stop Trippin' (with iDA HAWK)

GRiZ is bangin' in all the right ways - funky, soulful, electro feel with downtempo and flowing currents in every song. Mixing funky guitar riffs, melodic bass, jazzy and hip hop breaks, this is jammin. His jams are the kind that get you high - just chillin and then suddenly you must move! If you like Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Haywyre, Eliot Lipp, and that type of crew then you'll like GRiZ.  The producer, from Detroit, just released a new track "Stop Trippin'" - here it is: 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Direct - Tranquility [Monstercat Release] - downtempo/ambient

The Monstercat label is a treasure of electronic music. I go to them for high energy and interesting electro beats, and every once in a while they have interesting downtempo that is closer to my DJ and blogging sweet spot. This track is an example - "Tranquility" by Direct. The song is exactly as it's titled, a tranquil treat that is almost Tron-like in it's electronic melodies. Check it out here and, if you want it in your personal collection, buy it on Bandcamp using the 2nd link below: 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Haywyre - Insight (Live Performance) [MonsterCat Release]

I shared several Haywyre tracks the other day. This live performance shows why there seems to be more depth in Haywyre's downtempo and funky dubstep - there's an actual performer performing, using more than just fingers on a cursor or drum machine. My favorite parts of this track are where Haywyre's prowess on the piano/synthesizer is the focal point. I'm no technical pianist, but I know what I like and I know when I hear something interesting, and I keep coming back to this track and now I know why. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Banshankri - Tree Of Life Festival Entry - Chillout Psychedelic Mix

Wow, this is a beautiful and mesmerizing mix. It's the perfect balance of energy that compels you to move, not quite dance, but just move however you feel like. The psychedelic nature is not of trance, like many psychedelic festival entries, rather this is something different. Downtempo for sure, but captivating and bordering on meditative (or certainly meditative if you choose). I absolutely love this mix. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Downtempo: Romare - Prison Blues

Ninja Tune is promoting "Projections" - a new album out February 9 by downtempo groove artist Romare. Based out of London (many Ninja Tune artists are), Romare squarely has my attention. His tracks are rooted in slick drumming that allows for interesting layering of downtempo grooves and even more funky danceable beats. Check out tracks from the upcoming album "Projections" here - Prison Blues (downtempo), Pusherman (experimental ambient) and Roots (funky house):

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