Saturday, August 15, 2015

ELEMENTS Music & Arts Festival - Brooklyn, NY, August 22 - featuring Liquid Stranger, Autograf, Minnesota, more

I'm so stoked to go to the ELEMENTS Music & Arts Festival in Brooklyn next weekend! It's got the lineup of DJs and producers who you rarely hear together on the same show or circuit. This is the underground festival for emerging artists. Here are some of my favorite tracks from DJs I can't wait to see, including Liquid Stranger, Autograf, Minnesota and more! Buy tix here!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

In Honor of Jon Horvath, Fort Knox Five founder - 20 Minutes of F.U.N.K.

Jon Horvath, founder or Fort Knox Recordings and funk band/production/DJ group Fort Knox Five passed away today. I had the honor of meeting Jon before a few Fort Knox Five sets in DC and NYC. He brought insane energy to Fort Knox Five sets and recordings, and you couldn't miss his electric hair fro, which became a visual signature for the duo. I didn't know Jon personally, but I want to thank him - Fort Knox Five showed me how to incorporate funk into my mixes, and made me appreciate the past, present and future funk and the joy it brings. FUNK is joy, and Fort Knox Five and Jon embodied that joy.

Thank you Jon - you FUNKED THE WORLD HARD. I'll always share your jams, they'll always be part of my sets. You'll be missed. In honor of Jon - here's one of my favorite Fort Knox Five mixes:

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