Sunday, February 21, 2016

Turntables on the Hudson Vol 8 - Presented by Nickodemus

This album is an oldie but a supreme goodie. Amazing how something released 5 years ago in music-land is considered "old." But i'm a true believer that any song, forget how "old" or "new" it is - if it's got a good beat and a vibe that you can feel in your gut and in your heart and in your legs, then it doesn't matter one damn bit.

Turntables on the Hudson is a great party based out of NYC, and many years running hosted by Nickodemus and the Whonderwheel crew - his label. This collection embodies the international and eclectic vibe that makes these parties so fun. Just start listening to the first track by Mr. Scruff and you're hooked. Enjoy!

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