Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DJ Chicken George & J Boogie - Jazztronic Boogie Mixtape

DJ Chicken George (the Austin-based DJ and master curator of all sounds jazztronica) and J Boogie (the San Francisco-based downtempo and boogie fusion producer and DJ) come together to commemorate their summer tour with this great mixtape collaboration. These two mainstays in downtempo have crafted a great mix of funk, soul and jazztronica sounds. Chicken George curates the massively popular "Peddlin Jazztronica" podcast and J Boogie is a featured OM Records artist. Check out more J Boogie and DJ Chicken George.

And if you're in Canada, please see them live!

Canadian Summer tour:
6.21.12 | 9One9 | Victoria

6.22.12 | Tall Tree Festival | Port Renfrew

6.23.12 | Fortune Sound | Vancouver B.C.

6.24.12 | Hi Fi Club | Calgary

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