Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shigeto brings "Lineage' to life

You know how you hear a song and think it's nice, but then you see it performed live and then it means so much more? That happened to me when I was checking out Shigeto's new track "Lineage" - off his new EP of the same name (just released Jan 31, buy it here!)

I follow anything Ghostly puts out - it's all solid. Shigeto is no exception. His fine downtempo is a mix of jazz and ethereal sounds, with some breaks sprinkled through some of his songs. His new track "Lineage" is a fantastic atmospheric track. When I first listened to it I loved the ambient textures over a foundation of rolling drums, but then I saw a video of him performing it live and it really did, well, bring it to life. Seeing how he builds the track through his drum kit and uses midi controls for the other sounds was cool, seeing the movement of him playing really complements how the drums reverberate in your head and through your body. Check it out, and DL for free via Soundcloud:
Shigeto - Lineage Teaser from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

More about Shigeto, from Ghostly International:
Zach Saginaw consistently grounds his music in a deeply personal, familial context; his grandmother inspired two releases, his producer aliases, Shigeto and Frank Omura, both reference family names and it's not for nothing that his latest release as Shigeto is titled Lineage. Lineage combines Shigeto's jazz, hip-hop, funk and folk influences. These elements aren't new to Saginaw's work, but never has he demonstrated such complete command of his material.

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Pretty Lights Single & Video: We Must Go On

Pretty Lights has morphed and shifted his sound in the last year and a half, but has always remained true to his hip hop foundation and mashup of electronic sounds, hip hop beats and classic riffs and samples from jazz, rock, blues and more. This new single of his - "We Must Go On" - is very reminiscent of his early style, which was more hip hop and downtempo than some of his newer electro and dubstep infused tracks. I love these types of tracks, and it's this style that first attracted me to Pretty Lights in the first place. Click to download the new track for free. Accompanying this new track is a new video - which he and his girlfriend filmed and produced. If you've seen a Pretty Lights show before last summer then you've seen this style in his old live show set-up. It's a lot of beautiful images interspersed with daily life, encouraging people to see the "pretty lights" all around us:

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