Thursday, February 12, 2015

New EROK Mix - LIFT (Downtempo Bass Dreamscape)

After I got that house endeavor out of my system a few weeks ago I needed to get back to downtempo roots. I've come to love combinations of foundational bass vibes and light melodies - they balance out, they just do. This mix is just that -some deep bass with dub influence and downtempo style. Featuring new and old tracks alike, this truly melds some of my classic downtempo inspirations with new stuff. Check it out, plus the track list below...

Track list includes: 
- Tranquility - Direct
- Beyond Raging Wave - DJ Krush
- DRNUK - Louis Futon
- Parallax - Direct
- Phantomile - Actraiser
- The Turn Around - BRRIO (Lifted Contingency)
- Voyager - Minnesota
- Step Aside - Silkie
- One Dub - Antibalas
- On a Lake - Chims
- Lakeside - Praktikos
- Drugstore - Sounds from the Ground

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