Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puppetmastaz - The Break Up

French/German MC legends Puppetmastaz are breaking up their electro funk hip hop collective. They've recently gone the way of the Clan and orchestrated a break up where their solo acts can thrive, while keeping their efforts under the Puppemtastaz voltron platform. Check some of their solo beats and remixes below, plus a video of their puppet shenanigans.

These guys are some funky ghetto anti-Muppets

Puppetmastaz - Masquerade (Naive New Beaters remix)

Puppetmastaz - Tamiflu (The Penelopes remix)

Puppetmastaz - Keyhole (Loony Wise Men remix)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In honor of ...Biggie - Juicy

Hybrid - Disappear Here Trailer - Part 3/3 ... and 10 minute mini-mix

Hyrbid's new album is out March 29. The final part of the trailer was just released. Can't wait for this album! click here to go to my previous post to watch the first two parts of the trailer.

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