Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Skrillex - Rock 'N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)

Skrillex's new album - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - is just that, a mash-up and balance of deep, grimy dubstep with light vocals and bouncing dance beats. The juxtoposition of the dirty scary bass and the spritely vocals is exactly what the album title gets at (i think!). I'm lovin' every bit of it, especially this track:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Properly Chilled Propercast #26

Check out Properly Chilled's newest ProperCast. Always an excellent collection of downtempo tunes, ranging from dirty funk to electronic chillout to keep you calm and groovin' during those tumultuous holiday family gatherings.

Properly Chilled Podcast #26 by properlychilled

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is my live set (in all its brilliance and imperfections!) from the Unity party at Good Life in Boston last Friday night (12.10). It's a mix of eclectic styles - starting with chilled hip hop, even a little reggae and definitely an electro vibe that builds into deeper electronic and house music. This mix was designed to set the vibe, get the energy flowin and then kick it up to get everyone ready for the house DJ. Its a free download, so feel free to share with friends and tell me what you think! You can also comment right in the track itself! Enjoy

Unity DJ EROK mix by DJ EROK, Downbeatscape

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Girl Talk - All Day (new mashup album, free download)

Girl Talk just released his newest mashup album, All Day. It can be downloaded here for free: It feels much more natural, less forced. More Night Ripper, less Feed the Animals. I'm diggin' it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lord T & Eloise Giveaway - Music, T-shirt, Signed Poster - Sign Up and Listen Below!

Often compared to the Beastie Boys, LMFAO, and Gnarls Barkley, LORD T & ELOISE are Crunk artists and performers based out of Memphis, TN.

The two self-proclaimed ‘intergalactic time travelers’ and ‘forebearers of the Rapocalypse” have spent the last three years touring the United States. The duo has collaborated and shared the stage with such artists as: Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony; Lil’ Jon; 8Ball & MJG, BoneCrusher; Al Kapone; Mickey Avalon and many others.

Very visual in nature, Lord T & Eloise have made a name for themselves with their unique approach to the rap genre and their infamous blistering live performances.

Contest Winner will receive:
- Digital Download of "Rapocalypse"
- Exclusive "Rapocalypse" tour t- shirt
- $15 in "Aristocash" to be used at a the Lord T & Eloise online store -
- Exclusive "Rapocalypse" poster (autographed in 14k gold)
- VIP Laminate (autographed in 14k gold)

To enter use the below widget to sign up to the Lord T & Eloise mailing list. Contest runs from Monday Oct 25th to Sunday 10pm Oct 31st.

Winners will be announced on the Lord T & Eloise Twitter and Facebook page!

Twitter -
Facebook -

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty Lights - Glowing in the Darkest Night EP

Pretty Lights is hands down my favorite DJ/producer talent in the last year. His fusion of breaks, dubstep, electro-hip hop and classic vocal samples of some of our favorite hip hop artists(Biggie, Tupac, etc) is a mashup that I've stayed in love with over the past year.

In 2010, Pretty Lights (based in Colorado) has released a series of 3 EPs. The third - Glowing in the Darkest Night - was just released today and can be downloaded for FREE on his web site. In fact, all of his music can be downloaded for free on his web site - pay what you will. I encourage you to sample some tracks and throw him some cash, this music can't happen without our financial support.

Pretty Lights is a staple of my DJ sets, and I can't get enough of his beats and genre mashups. Keep it comin, keep it comin.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mux Mool presents Wax Rose Saturday EP - Ghostly International

Someone sent me a link to a track from Mux Mool a few weeks ago. Between birthday concerts (Mos Def, Talib, Gorrilaz, N.E.R.D) and preppin for the future (more info to come!), I finally listened. Now I'm scouring online for everything I can find of his.

Mux Mool reminds me of the Ambient Paradise at BOOM Festival - a kaleidescope of hip hop beats, electro rythyms, and trip-hop roots with smooth underscores. He's a Brooklyn artist on Ghostly International. Here's a track from his SoundCloud page, and below is a free download that I am seriously enjoying right now.

Sing Heal All by muxmool


Mux Mool presents Wax Rose Saturday EP - Ghostly International

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Properly Chilled mix from famous Eighteenth Street Lounge - for Thomas Blondet Rythm & Culture Release Party

Brandon at Properly Chilled knows how to pick em - check out his newest mix here, performed live at the famous Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, D.C. (founded by Thievery Corporation and a hot spot where they and others on 18th St Label perform).

Properly Chilled DJ'd this set for Thomas Blondet's newest record release party - for the release of The Sound of Rhythm & Culture, a comliation that showcases the incredible talent on the Rhthym & Culture label. Check out a review and listen to a sample of the new album at Properly Chilled here.

Listen and download Brandon's DJ set here - awesome mix of funk, reggae, hip hop and latin flavor. QUITE.

Properly Chilled at Eighteenth Street Lounge by properlychilled

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New OM TEASE Lounge House mix from DJ Erok - FREE DOWNLOAD

This is a lounge house oriented dance mix, prepared for a Silent Disco at OM Lounge in Harvard Sq in Cambridge, Mass. I guess many people think lounge and dance are antonyms, but I disagree, you can keep it smooth and slightly chilled, but definitely - I kid you not - we had the place dancing their faces off. I call it lounge house, but you'll hear many different electo sounds, from spanish to balkan to dub, elector-rock and electro-hip hop. Listen to it - you'll know what I mean :) And this is just a sample of what DJ Andy Ward and I played... Enjoy!

OM Tease by DJ EROK, Downbeatscape

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fort Knox Five MoGlo Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD

Fort Knox Five monthly radio show DJ mix for Mo Glo - aired Sept 17, 2010

GET IT MUSIC MAN! Funky international sounds all over this music, for the eclectic dance party where people are lookin to move to world sounds. Dig it.

FK5's Mo' Glo Radio - September 2010 by fortknoxfive

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dub Kweli - Produced by Max Tannone

Dub Kweli - the latest in a series of excellent mashups by DJ/producer Max Tannone, the same guy who brought you Mos Dub and Jaydiohead. Incredible.

Dub Kweli by Max Tannone

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Properly Chilled Set

My boy Brandon - aka Properly Chilled - spins a great party every few weeks called simply "Lounge" at Quintessence in Albany, NY. His website and his vibe PROPERLY CHILLED were (and continue to be) big inspirations for my own sounds and sets. Check out his latest set from Lounge:

Properly Chilled Live DJ Set (Lounge @ Quintessence May 15) by properlychilled

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nas and Damian Marley - As We Enter Remix (Tinie Tempah)

Wow, I've been gone for a month- more or less off the grid as I re-center myself around my two priorities in life right now: 1) music - Djing, blogging, sharing and 2) helping companies improve the world through corporate responsibility.

So I'm back, and here's some music I'm digging, sent to me via RCRD LBL:

"Tinie Tempah—who’s not exactly the quietest, most obscure kid on the hip-hop block—gets to spit as Nas and Damian Marley look on, heads bobbing, no doubt, to soul-shine horn parps and party-up bass. Someone here seems to be doing a cat impression, too. Not sure who’s responsible for that."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mos Dub

Whether you partake in 4/20 or not, these Mos Def dub remixes are perfect for this Tuesday evening. Created by NYC DJ and Producer @Max Tannone, it was as if Mos' beats and rhymes were meant for dub and reggae. Mos Dub is one piece of a series of amazing mashups including Jadiohead (Jay-Z and Radiohead) and Beastie Boys with Beastie Boys. Listen to 10 Mos Dub tracks and download them for free HERE

Mos Dub - 01 - Johnny Too BeefbyMax Tannone

Mos Dub - 07 - Mr. Universe by Max Tannone

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Groove: Dau-al-7 - Give Up the Funk (Funky Covers Mix)

Dau-al-7 has quite a funky mix here - released on Bad Panda Records. Some classic funk mixed up for your Sunday afternoon. Download the mix here.

dau-al-7 - give up the funk (funky covers mix) by dau-al-set

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bonobo - El Toro , from Black Sands

I am fully stuccckkk on this song. Love the rise and fall of the mood - gets me swingin and then relaxing the next moment. Always a good sound from Bonobo

Monday, April 12, 2010

DJ Erok - F.A.M.E. Lounge Mega Mix - Free DL and Stream

Good afternoon folks - here's a recording of my live set from the F.A.M.E. party in Boston last week at Via Matta. It was a steamy night - with Boston temps keeping partygoers warm all night while I dropped a 3.5 hr collection of chill and smooth tracks to make the lounge experience complete. Via Matta gave out free DragonFruit Mojitos and gourmet pizza while local artists and designers showcased their creative arts. You can download it or stream it - share it with friends, do what you will. Enjoy!

F.A.M.E. Mega Lounge Mix by DJ EROK, Downbeatscape

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blanco Bros "Leftism 3" Mixtape - new from Om Records' J-Boogie and Sake One

This is NICE. The Blanco Bros - aka Om Records' J-Boogie and Sake One - deliver their newest mix tape and it is quite a treat - an hour plus of new music, edits and remixes from Major Lazer, DamFunk, Nicolay, Joy Jones, Nickodemus, Georgia Ann Muldrow, K’naan and more. This is part of the mix tape series from the Blanco Bros called "Leftism" - which I believe is an homage to the downtempo heritage of left field style music - experimental, almost ambient, always groovy.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Groove - Laid Back Radio

This weekend's groove is Laid Back Radio out of Brussels. The internet and FM show broadcasts every Wednesday and posts their shows and mixes on MixCloud, including original tracks from its guests on Soundcloud. Laid Back says it all - it's a downtempo amalgamation of soul, funk, hip hop grooves - very engaging downtempo that you can choose to chill out or move to. Like traditional radio, the hosts intersperse music with interviews, music news and other quips about the downtempo realm. It serves as quite nice listening for your weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Motion Potion - War on the Dance Floor (MoPo's 2010 Reboot)

Funk mash up artist DJ Motion Potion has a series of EPs coming out this year and the first, "Electric Nostalgia Vol. 1" is quite like the title describes - a mashup of old school funk and disco with newer electronic and rap samples that create a whole new lounge and dancefloor beast.

For example, "War on the Dance Floor" - a track you can download here (limited time DL) - is James Brown's Payback with Ludacris' Red Light District, plus MoPo's electronic touch.

MoPo calls his style “funklectic dancefloor nostalgism” - I can hear it. To explain a bit more, here's a description from MoPo and his team: "From a near religious love of funk and hip hop, to a lifetime study of rock and roll to a massive aptitude for latin, reggae and other outernational formats, MoPo incorporates bits and pieces of music culture into electronic edits."

Here's a downloadable mix from MoPo

MoPo 5.1.08 Republic - NOLa Opening for P Funk by mopo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ancient Astronauts - Put Em Up EP

Just downloaded the new remix EP from Ancient Astronauts. Got a bunch of remixed tunes of their latest album "We Are To Answer." Love ze downtempo Germans. Here's what ESL Music (Thievery Corporation's label) has to say about the new release. I put it here b/c, well, I agree:

"ESL Music brings the dopeness once again with Ancient Astronauts’ brand new “Put Em Up EP” featuring the brand new lead hip-hop cut “Put Em Up” with rhymes by Raashan Ahmad. Also featured on the EP are brand new exclusive remixes of tracks from the Astronauts’ debut album We Are To Answer. Tru Thoughts’ in-house beatmaestro TM Juke reworks “Everybody” into a funky electro breakbeat smasher, while the BBC’s reigning exotic downtempo DJ Pathaan reworks “Lost in Marrakesh” into a smooth drum&bass roller. The EP is rounded out by superb remixes by Protassov, Lance Herbstrong, and Gianma."

Yeah, I dig it. Really nice flow of electronic downtempo with hip hop overlays.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Electrolights - Centerpiece , and obligatory WMC post

So I've been in touch with Giant Step, an artist promotion company in NYC, who informed me they're working with this group Electrolightz, a 4-man group of pop/electro/hip-hop artist. Their remixes and original work are mostly uptempo party jams (that I def enjoy, but don't necessarily fit the DBS vibe). But a few tracks, especially the one below called Centerpiece is one of those tracks that I'd probably use to bridge the gap between chill downtempo and head-noddin git up and groove, danceable downtempo. Many might not consider it downtempo in its truest definition (I guess I wouldn't, really) but I'd put it in a downtempo party mix. I also share this track with you because its an appropriate post to recognize WMC. I'm not going, and it focuses more on uptempo electronic, but no doubt, it has a big influence on the electronic scene overall and the mashing of genres and collaboration of artists. Who knows what will come out of WMC. Maybe Electrolightz will meet some downtempo producer and they'll both change their lives forever. Check out the "Electro Wars" trailer - the documentary is being screened at WMC and shows you that this type of collabo and discussion and mashup and controversy is possible. Who knows... :)

Electrolightz - Centerpiece

Electro Wars Trailer

The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

DJ Erok - The Upside 3.16.10 Mix

Here's a live recording of my set from last week's party at The Upside @ Enormous Room, plus some pics!

The Upside Live 3.16.10 by DJ EROK, Downbeatscape

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jeff Keenan - Producer Showcase on Proton Radio

This guy, this friggin guy. He's a downtempo and all things electro- producer in Boston. We hung out last night at The Upside @ Enormous Room - he's been nothin but supportive of my DJ efforts and I dig his tracks and mixes. He's got 3 EP's coming out in the coming months. Look for it, his name is JEFF KEENAN This is a collection of 6 of his tracks

Jeff Keenan - Producer Showcase (Proton Radio 3/8/2010) by Jeffrey Keenan

Monday, March 15, 2010

RJD2 - Let There Be Horns

One of my favorite new RJD2 tracks - "Let There Be Horns" from The Colossus

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Groove - Kraak & Smaak Mix

It's raining and windy in Boston, so I'm def staying in and listening to tunes today. Kraak & Smaak, a Dutch DJ trio and producers who regularly work with Fort Knox Five and others, put together this funky chill mix for UK Hed Kandi, and just released it earlier this week. You can listen below and download Parts 1 and 2 on their blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puppetmastaz - The Break Up

French/German MC legends Puppetmastaz are breaking up their electro funk hip hop collective. They've recently gone the way of the Clan and orchestrated a break up where their solo acts can thrive, while keeping their efforts under the Puppemtastaz voltron platform. Check some of their solo beats and remixes below, plus a video of their puppet shenanigans.

These guys are some funky ghetto anti-Muppets

Puppetmastaz - Masquerade (Naive New Beaters remix)

Puppetmastaz - Tamiflu (The Penelopes remix)

Puppetmastaz - Keyhole (Loony Wise Men remix)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In honor of ...Biggie - Juicy

Hybrid - Disappear Here Trailer - Part 3/3 ... and 10 minute mini-mix

Hyrbid's new album is out March 29. The final part of the trailer was just released. Can't wait for this album! click here to go to my previous post to watch the first two parts of the trailer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Groove - Downbeatscape Exclusive: DJ Ocean's For Your Mind Mix

Good morning world! I've been in touch with a DJ in resurgence - DJ Ocean, who currently plays poker in Vegas and decided to make a foray back into the realm of deck masters. He crafted this mix exclusively for Downbeatscape. I'm pleased to share this chillout weekend mix for your grooving pleasure:

DJ Ocean's For Your Mind Downtempo Mix:

OK GO - This Too Shall Pass

This video has been watched nearly 4 million times in 5 days. Incredible.

CNN does an interesting review, sheds some light on the inspiration and work that went into this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"69-year-old kickass DJ"

For all those bedroom DJs young and old - remember, its never too late to follow your passions and take it from the bedroom to the club:

PARIS (Reuters Life!) - The latest party circuit princess to wow the night clubs and festivals of France with her DJ skills is a British granny who took a shine to the decks after going to a birthday disco for her grandson.

Lifestyle France

Clad in her leopard-skin shrug and dark sunglasses, 69-year-old Ruth Flowers has conquered French clubland from the Cannes Film Festival to the top Paris nightspots with a mix of old-school hits, electrobeat and bling-bling style.

"It started really when my grandson had a birthday party ... they always have a little disco, don't they, after the party," Flowers told Reuters, lounging on a white sofa in a Paris hotel in a green satin bomber jacket and trademark shades contrasting with her white hair.

"I went along quite late and the gentlemen at the door said, 'I don't think you want to go in there, Madame'. And I said, 'Well I rather think I do'," she said.

"I went in and it was very noisy and the lights were flashing, but there was an awful lot of energy and joy."

While Flowers, a trained singer, was more used to church songs, German lieder and classic pop, she was so taken by the party that she decided there and then to become a disc jockey.

"I had no idea at the time of electro music," she said.

However, as someone with interests ranging from history to theater and fashion, she was willing to learn.

A friend put her in touch with French producer Aurelien Simon who taught her how to spin and helped her to develop a style, sprinkling her techno sets with tunes from Abba, Queen and the Rolling Stones.

"In the beginning it was just a little joke but it became serious," Simon told Reuters by phone. "It took four years because she had to learn to use the machines. I explained the basics of electro music, and then she created her own style."

Eye-catching earrings and her sartorial style make Flowers a stand out when she works the turntables, nodding to the beat and clapping her hands above her head.

"It's a little glammy, a bit over the top, but it fits the bill I think," she said of her outfits. "I mean, if I appeared in a cardigan, a sweater and brogue shoes it wouldn't be quite the same."

Flowers is working on a single, due to be released this spring. Some of her friends in London were a little skeptical about her new career at first, but she has drawn encouragement from her family and fans.

She remembers how young people from all over the world came up to her when she performed at the Cannes film festival.

"They said, "you're awesome, we want to be like you'," she said. "I always say -- you don't want to be like me. You want to be you."

(Additional reporting by Sophie Hardach, editing by Paul Casciato)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty Lights - Making Up a Changing Mind

I'm on a Pretty Lights bender. ALL of their music is available for download on the website - - and to top it off, it's FREE. Though you do have an opportunity to donate via Paypal - I did.

Pretty Lights just leseased their latest EP yesterday. It is called "Making Up a Changing Mind" and is the first EP in a series of three to be released this year. I can't wait for the rest! Click here to go to the new EP.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretty Lights - I Can See It In Your Face

These are the two reasons I wander the halls of Hype Machine - 1) new music and 2) new blogs. To demonstrate this, I implore you to follow the links to a new song I found on a new blog via Hype Machine: "I Can See It In Your Face" by Pretty Lights.

Hype Machine directed me to a great music blog called "Potholes in My Blog: Beats, Rhymes and Life." The blog mostly features hip hop, and it gives a nice mention to this electro hip hop jam from Pretty Lights. It mashes a few genres together - hip hop, downtempo electronic, funk and even blues (which hip hop is derived from). The track is amazing - click here to go to Potholes and download it.
Also, if you have some extra time, read the comments - they're pretty interesting. Comments about how people have never heard a track like this and it's genre bending and such. Really cool to read stuff about this type of track, cuz if you've been listening to funk or downtempo with any sort of regularity you know that this isn't new, though it is a REALLY GOOD TRACK. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking these readers, I just think its interesting - shows you how little attention really creative downtempo gets sometimes. Anyway, check it out, you won't regret it.




Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deadbeats in the Mix - 60 Minutes of Deadbeats Remixes

The Deadbeats have been one of my favorite electronic downtempo artists for the last several months ever since I heard of them from a Twitter post from @NightmaresOnWax. The Deadbeats hail from the UK and their tracks are released by Wax On Records, the label from legendary downtempo and chillout gurus Nightmares On Wax. Their latest album, Made In The Shade, is a collection of downtempo sunshine vibes, trip hop tracks that channel Massive Attack and even some chill house. It makes for a truly complete listening experience. The Deadbeats recently remixed and edited their own stuff, and put them in one great mix, presented here for your listening pleasure:

The Deadbeats in the mix by thedeadbeats

And another track for good measure :)

QQQQQ by thedeadbeats

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Upside 2.16.10 - free mix from DJ Erok

Here's my latest mix - a sample of the tracks I play at my monthly DJ night at Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA. This mix leans more towards funk and hip hop with a bit of dub and chilled electronica. Listen here - the tracklist is below and you can download the mix for free here.

The Upside Mix 2.16.10 by DJ EROK, Downbeatscape

1. Didn’t Cha Know (Biscope Boot) – Erykah Badu
2. Street Sound – Noah D
3. Originality ft. Sister Nancy – Thievery Corporation
4. Sword Progression – Marcel
5. Strictly Rockers 215 – DJ Vadim
6. Entran – Eddie Silverton
7. Canto De Ossanha – Jurrasic 5
8. Forget Me Not – Wu Tang vs. The Beatles
9. Thrill 103 – DJ Vadim
10. Control of Your Mind (PNFA Remix) – Carlos Reisch
11. Reflection – Numatic Soul
12. Northern Vision – Eastern Sun

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Groove: Six Degrees Records

Six Degrees Records is a "an eclectic, independent music label that produces genre-bending and accessible recordings" out of California (from their Twitter page @sixdegreesrcrds). They've brought us tracks from artists like Bebel Gilberto, Karsh Kale, DJ Spooky, The Outernationalists, Alice Russell and more. The sounds from this label, ranging from bossa nova, funk and folk, simultaneously predict the future while basking in the musical aesthetics of the past - their artists pull much from the history of their culture and influences while setting the bar for what comes next. Here is a sampling of tracks from Six Degrees Records - "Makes Me Happy," a bossa folk dreamer from Brasilian duo Undersea Poem ; "Back Home (Kraak & Smaak Remix)," a funky Brasilian electro beat from Zuco 103, and various funk tracks from Friday's edition of Six Degrees Traveler, the labels weekly radio show produced by one of the company's co-founders. All of these tracks can be downloaded at their site or blog Global Noize .

Undersea Poem - "Makes Me Happy" Directed by Felipe Joffily from Six Degrees on Vimeo.

"Back Home (Kraak & Smaak Remix)," a funky Brasilian electro beat from Zuco 103

Zuco 103 - Back Home (Kraak & Smaak Disco 103 Remix) by SixDegreesRecords

Six Degrees Traveler - Global Funk Edition

Traveler Installment 216 GLOBAL FUNK EDITION by SixDegreesRecords

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hybrid Soundsystem - Trailers, new album coming in March!

Hybrid has always had an amazing ability to balance the digital with the analog - bringing incredible dance beats, orchestra compositions and the most melodic sounds together on tracks ranging from chillout to borderline house banger. And now they're back with a new album on March 29, 2010. They're releasing a 3-part trailer for the album, and 2 parts are already out. You can view them here - here's the first (the 2nd is further in this post):

I've had the pleasure of reading some press materials that get me really excited for this release: "Hybrid is one of the few remaining dance acts to perform live with a classic band setup. Though, much has changed on the road to Hybrid’s fourth artist album Disappear Here. Most notable is the addition of Hybrid’s third member – singer/ songwriter Charlotte James – to go along with founders Chris Healings and Mike Truman. Charlotte’s impact is marked as Disappear Here is truly an album of real songs and not merely dance beats with vocals on top. With Disappear Here, Hybrid has managed to create an epic and unique sound which has progressed dramatically from its original dance inception but still retains much of what makes electronic music so exciting. As the opening track for the album, “Empire” meets Healings’ statement of intent for the album. Its pounding live drums and moody, tense atmospherics set the stage and gradually build layers of electric guitars and sweeping strings performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. “Can You Hear Me” is a shining moment for Charlotte; combining her powerful vocals with soaring strings and the bass playing of Tim Hutton (Ian Brown, The Prodigy), while “Green Shell Suit” is chill out at its finest. Before closing out with the divine “Numb,” Hybrid presents the album’s touchstone and first single “Break My Soul.” It’s all huge from the triumphant chorus and epic strings to a huge bass line and drums."

Here's the 2nd part of the trailer (i'll post part 3 as soon as its released):

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"It's Sao Funky Like That" - Fort Knox Five x Pharrell (Shmix Mash-up)

NOOO!! I missed the DL opportunity of this track by like 20 people :( But I can still listen to it, and I can still share it!!! So I leesten, you leesten, we all leesten...this makes me happy in a funk fashion gansta kinda way. Pharrell and FK5? Yes please.

"It's Sao Funky Like That" - Fort Knox Five x Pharrell (Shmix Mash-up) by 2Tuff

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Groove - Valentine's Mix: Make Love with Soul Clap

Click the image to listen and download this V-Day mix from Boston-based DJ/producer duo Soul Clap. (and yeah, its their VDay mix from last year, but its as sexy and smooth as ever!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thomas Blondet feat. Zeebo

I'm finishin up the day job and turn to Soundcloud for inspiration to get ready for my DJ set tonight at Channel Cafe in Boston. I listened to a bunch of tracks and just absolutely got stuck on this amazing downtempo track from Thomas Blondet "Echo Chamber feat Zeebo". True to his Rhythm & Culture Recording fame of putting incredible modern features to eclectic world music, Blondet strikes a perfect balance between chilled, downtempo house and reggae with this track. I love these types of tracks that mash two different styles and make it feel so natural, so smooth, like ONE. Anyway, listen's chillin and thrillin at the same time:

Thomas Blondet "Echo Chamber" Feat. Zeebo by Thomas Blondet

Here's another Thomas Blondet work - a remix of Sola Rosa's "Del Rey" - gotta share this too:

Sola Rosa "Del Ray" (Thomas Blondet Remix) by Thomas Blondet

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Mix - Properly Chilled guest DJ set at The Sounds Of Now (2.5.10)

zSHARE - The Sounds Of Now - 2-5-10.mp3

Properly Chilled treated The Sounds of Now radio show listeners (out of upstate NYC) to a deep and dubby guest set on Friday night. Click the link above to stream or download his mix. It's always exciting to hear one of your favorite DJs getting air time, reppin' downtempo DJs all over and bringing "the sounds of now" to a mass audience. No doubt, Properly Chilled had listeners grooving in no time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Hyper Augmented Reality - a video glimpse into the future

Here's a random video I find interesting from a creative perspective (how did he do that!?) but also from a futuristic "oh shit!" hyper-reality perspective. A year ago I would have hated a future like this, but today I'm willing to embrace how technology shapes our lives. I don't want to be bombarded with brands, but I do think this type of reality - if it is augmented and a virtual alternative to interacting with people and places - can offer amazing possibilities for human interaction.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mr Scruff Takes Me Up

Was listening to Mr Scruff this AM - a track called "Music Takes Me Up" - and it inspired me to share his blend of jazz, funk and hip hop breaks with you. Mr Scruff has such a fun persona, combining original tracks and DJing with cartoons and tea. It's fun to read what he has to say about himself (via his website):

"Greetings! I am Mr. Scruff, DJ, Producer, Cartoonist & Tea Drinker. As a DJ, I play across the board, including Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, African, Ska, Disco, House, Funk, Breaks, Soundtracks & loads more. As a producer I make music that draws on these influences, with a large dose of cheek & good humour. My cartoon drawings illustrate this website, my gig flyers & record/cd covers. I also have a tea company (more info at"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Groove - Funkagenda Mix - Live Sunset

I've been listening to a lot of funk, break beats and chillout these days, but sometimes I gotta rock the minimal house/techno. This mix, by UK DJ, DJ technician and producer Funkagenda is on the electronic side of downtempo and chill. "Live Sunset," the name of the mix, says it all - I feel like I'm poolside at sunset while listening to the slow build of this mix, and the second the sun goes down, the downtempo house sounds come out.

The mix is a massive, mesmerizing 2 and a half hours. The first hour is pure chillout - ambient vibes to bask to; the second hour turns into a downtempo dance party - perfect for some natural energy for your weekend groove. by Funkagenda

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mike Swells "Sweigh" Mix from Trippy Sounds

Some trippy, true lounge vibe from Boston-based DJ Mike Swells, hosted on the blog Trippy Sounds - I need this on a crazy Friday afternoon... Listen here, and download here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Champagne Lounge Deluxe - Eddie Silverton, Don Imuze, Minus Blue, more

Jeff Bennett and his Phunctional Loungin label have released a compilation featuring tracks from Volumes 1-5 of the Champagne Lounge series, plus a bonus 2-hour continuous mix of all the tracks.

The compilation features Jeff's alias' - Eddie Silverton, the ultra-lounge alter ego, and Don Imuze, the electro-dub doppleganger - plus artists from the Phunctional Loungin label.

I've really enjoyed listening to Eddie Silverton and a new artist, Minus Blue, a UK based lounge artist that features mellow melodies with whimsical and siren-esque female vocals. You can listen to samples of Eddie and Minus Blue tracks below.

The compilation was released this week exclusively on Beatport and will be in wide release on Feb 16, 2010. Listen below and enjoy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Groove - Jaymystic Downtempo Mix

In the spirit of a chill Sunday, Jaymystic makes a downtempo groove available via his website. Its "deep dubby" and overall quite chill, with a lot of head noddin' sounds that range from ethereal ambient layered over breaks to dubby hip hop beats and vocals filtered through all sorts of other-worldly effects. Click the link or pic to listen to the mix. You can also download it here. And btw, I found Jaymystic in the forums - lots of great music and artists to be found there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The HighLife

Just joined The HighLife, a music and culture blog/social network that celebrates creative lifestyle pursuits - mostly music and art. The HighLife is basically a communal blog - members update the blog whenever they'd like, sharing posts only with friends or on the public forum. I shared my event "The Upside" and others have shared music videos, favorite pieces of art and photographer, and other events. As the membership grows, so will the great content. Check it out.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Air is touring the U.S.~!

Air is touring the U.S. - this doesn't happen often!! Here's the schedule of tour dates:
March 13: Miami, FL @ Fillmore
March 14: Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live
March 15: Atlanta, GA @ Centerstage
March 17: Washington DC @ 9:30 Club
March 18: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
March 19: New York, NY @ Terminal 5
March 20: Boston, MA @ Berklee Performance Center
March 22: Montreal, PQ @ Metropolis
March 23: Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
March 24: Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
March 26: Oakland, CA @ Fox Theatre
March 27: San Diego, CA @ 4th & B
March 28: Los Angeles, CA @ Walt Disney Concert Hall #

Here's a video of "Do the Joy", one of my favorite tracks from Air's latest album Love 2. Its an ambient, psychadelic rock and synth ballad - very cool and trippy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Jugoe "Gooseme" track from Bastard Jazz

Ah, Bastard Jazz, you make me happy in the New Year. Bastard Jazz is offering a free track - an original from dub artist Jugoe titled "Gooseme." This track has been remixed by the likes of ESL artist Nickodemus, who calls Brooklyn home along with the Bastard Jazz label. Bastard Jazz brings us work from The Magic Fly, Saru and Dub Traffik Control - all quite original dub and progressive jazz artists.

You can download "Gooseme" here - sign up to the Bastard Jazz newsletter to continue to receive treats like this and get all the latest from Bastard Jazz.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mark Farina - "Dream Machine"

This track by Om Records' DJ and Producer Mark Farina is a classic in my book - a downtempo, jazzy house groove that solidified my love for the style overall.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Downbeatscape & Properly Chilled present "The Upside"

Join Downbeatscape & Properly Chilled at "The Upside" a new night of downtempo beats and chilled dance vibes with DJs EROK (yours truly) and Properly Chilled. The event goes down January 19 at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA.

Friday, January 1, 2010

James Bright - Phunctional Loungin downtempo tracks drop soon

James Bright's lounge music is enthralling. His new release "Little Things" is out on the Phunctional Loungin label (run by Jeff Bennett/Eddie Silverton) in wide release on January 12, 2010, and some tracks are out now on Beatport. Here's some more info about this established lounge guru (from his site):

James Bright is a recording artist and producer from the North West of England. He works predominantly with the genres of electronica, downbeat and chillout, but also turns his hand to deep house and balearic. He has seen many releases over the years most recently of which are released under his own name, James Bright. His work has found interest, and general release on popular labels including React (the infamous Cafe Del Mar album series), Hed Kandi and Quango.

James Bright was one half of the highly successful collaboration Lux. They have appeared on many compilations for names such as Cafe Del Mar, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, MCA and EMI. In addition they featured heavily on cover discs for music magazines including DJ and Muzik, not to mention countless TV programmes, adverts and websites worldwide.

Visit the James Bright web site to listen and learn...enjoy...

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