Saturday, November 3, 2007

Slackline Radio

Chris at Slackline Radio sent me a kind note of support the other day. It was great to hear positive feedback, and reinforced what I'm trying to do for myself and others: get exposed to even more of the chillout scene, and create conversation about it.

I hadn't yet heard of Slackline, so I checked it out- and I was pleased. I stream BuzzOut Room often, but I'm definitely going to be a frequent listener to Slackline now too.

What I like about Slackline: It's downtempo everything - not just ambient. It flows through dub, trip-hop, acid jazz, experimental downbeat stuff. It doesn't lose your attention. You can sit and listen, or get up and move to everything they play - its strikes a nice balance. BuzzOut Room is great for strict ambient music - spacy and very atmospheric. Slackline fills the rest - it has great variety and is very engaging.

Check it out at The site also features many reviews of well-known downtempo artists such as Boards of Canada, Thievery Corporation, Alif Tree, and I was sooo happy to see Baseheadz reviewed. If you're not familiar with Baseheadz, i'll blog about em soon ( think chilled trip-hop inspired by DJ Shadow and the Roots)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Works of RJD2

Remember RJD2.

I just thought of RJD2 tonight - my very first MP3 player, this shitty Sony that held 80 songs on it, had RJD2, and then it got stolen. RJD2 debuted in 2002 with Deadringer, an album that combines hip-hop, trip-hop and jazz. He takes a lot of inspiration from producing local hip-hop records in Ohio. Deadringer is the album where every song has staying power on its own, and together they are unbelievable. Its the album you can put on at a party and let it play over and over and nobody would notice, they'd just know they were listening to something really cool. I really recommend Deadringer...all of it...

and then RJD2 wants to groove a bit more...

you've got his second album, Since We Last Spoke, which has a much more dubbed dance feel. Still trip-hop but with some faster beats that are more danceable. Still a good album but not as chill or as eclectic as Deadringer.

RJD2 needs Prozac, he's a bit darker now, and pretty manic...

Magnificent City Instrumentals is that - instrumental. And still with a dance hall vibe, but on the verge of deep house...sometimes, but too often for me. only alright if i'm in the mood.

And out of nowhere he goes POP! back to his trip-hop roots, but forgot how to make anything engaging. he's got some trip-hop ambient stuff...I'm listening, hoping it gets more just stays boring. Hm. I'll tell ya what - skip RJD2's The Third Hand, recently released. Its just boring.

Get Deadringer! And lets hope RJD2 remembers how to make albums like that again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Buzzed at Work

Its 8:41 PM and still at work. Need to leave soon. So i tuned into the BuzzOut Room at I've listened to this radio stream for several months now, and 99 times out of 100 it plays a marvelous mix of chilled ambient sounds and slow dub and downbeat deep house. I'm pleased with the mix nearly every time I listen, and now is no exception. Here's to the BuzzOut Room, keeping my eyes open long enough to hit print and jet outta here...Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Djini....buddha buddha budda!

I gotta hang out with my old neighbor Amir, he taught me to spin and mix tunes. Inspired me to pick up turntables and annoy the shit out of my roommates.

His spin-alias, Djini, drinks Dark & Stormy's, smokes cloves and sometimes mimics Aladdin. Check out his site, and download some great mixes. I'll just let him explain some of his sounds...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Aesop Rock

I can't wait to leave work, hit the gym, and listen to new Aesop Rock~! I haven't been this excited for hip-hop since Danger Mouse and MF Doom collaborated as Danger Doom. Aesop's new album "None Shall Pass" came out in August and is phenomenal (so far!)

I listened to a few tracks on my morning commute and had to put my reading away, I just needed to rock out, the beats were so engaging. I love Aesop because, as his name suggests, he's a master story teller. You follow the beat, the song, the groove, and you get into his story. Check out Aesop if you like Atmosphere, Beastie Boys, RJD2... hip-hop mashed with dub, jazz, downbeat.

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