Monday, September 14, 2015

Downtempo Compilation: Cold Busted - Bust Free 19

Cold Busted is a west coast label founded by downtempo master DJ Vitamin D. It just released a new sample compilations of artists on its roster. I have several Cold Busted series and they are always great. This news compilation - Bust Free 19 - ranges from chilled out breaks to experimental downtempo. A must listen for any downtempo or chillout fan! Download it for free, via Bandcamp!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Album: The Deadbeats - Soft Focus

The Deadbeats released a new album a few weeks ago titled "Soft Focus." I got into The Deadbeats many years ago after hearing a few of their tracks featured on the Wax On Records compilation series (founded by downtempo legend Nightmares on Wax). This album is more of the same and more of what I love - downtempo, chilled percussion grooves with intriguing vocal samples. Check it out on Bandcamp:

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