Saturday, March 24, 2012

White Panda show/album review in Madison 3.22.12 - Stream/ Download new album Bambooyah, Pics & Mixed Feelings


I saw White Panda perform their new album Bambooyah last night in Madison, WI. The album is great - it's a fantastic new set of mashups of electro dance, pop, and a lot of classic samples and riffs, and the continuous mix flows really well. I had high expectations for this show - of live remixing and DJing - hearing new mashups on the fly. Yet, I came away with mixed feelings. Here's why:

1. White Panda are great mashup artists. Definitely download their music (as linked to above) - it was great to dance to their mashups in the club. They had the crowd going. But, it was clear that they were just playing their pre-mixed mashups with little live mixing or DJing.

2. They went on late - after 1 AM. That's acceptable in NYC or Chicago, but not Madison (IMO), where bar time is 2/2:30 AM. They played for an hour. If i'm paying a premium cover to see a DJ act I expect more than an hour.

3. Then they abruptly stopped. No cool down, no taper, no bravado, nothing. They just stopped their set and walked off. Lights on, show over. It was musical blue balls.

Bottom line: I really enjoy White Panda's latest mashup album - it is the highest quality production and mashup they've achieved yet - and I will continue to download and recommend their music. However, I'm unlikely to see them live again or recommend that anyone does. They have to deliver more if I'm going shell out a cover premium to see them live.

Nonetheless, I had fun despite my expectations not quite being met. Maybe I should just appreciate it for what it is - great music played really loud ;) Here's pics from the night:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early Summer Jammin' - Pretty Lights vs. Summertime, Pacha Massive

It's ridiculously, unseasonably consistently warm in Madison, WI - it's been nearly 80 degrees for the last week and looks to stay around 70-80 degrees for at least the next week as well. This warm weather is spreading east - I like to think I'm sending Boston/NYC my warm weather ;) Everyone here has been in great spirits - its amazing what the weather can do for people.

In honor of this early "summer weather" we're having, I just wanted to post two songs that have made me feel particularly "summery" today: Pretty Lights remix/mashup from last year of "Summertime" and Pacha Massive's downtempo chill ballad "Just Want to See Ya." Keepin' me in a great mood... Enjoy

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeremy Ellis & Maschine (Native Instruments) - Master of the Pads - never gets old

I just bought the Native Instruments Maschine groove pad and production studio software. I've been amazed at the power of this thing for a few years and finally pulled the trigger in getting one. Now that I have it, I've been immersing myself in tutorials and videos that I find inspirational and help spark my creativity. Jeremy Ellis is particularly inspiring. Thanks to the team at MC Audio in Madison for hooking me up with the product at a great price.

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