Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghostly International Promo Mix by Shigeto - via MixMag - featuring Com Truise, Mux Mool, Matthew Dear, more

I love the downtempo, trip hop, eclectic electronic music label and curator Ghostly International. They do an incredible job of mixing sound with art and design - the Ghostly web site features all sorts of cool design projects, ranging from clocks and watches to original art prints and limited edition vinyl from the Ghostly artists.

I also love MixMag.

MixMag just posted a great profile about Ghostly along with a promo mix by Shigeto - an artist on Ghostly - that you can download for free. Check out the article/profile here on MixMag and DL the mix too:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

REGENERATION MUSIC PROJECT Review + Downloads: Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Crystal Method, DJ Premier

Go see REGERENATION:MUSIC PROJECT - the documentary about today's premier hip hop and electro producers, DJs and artists and what happens when they pair them with historic music figures to create unorthodox tracks. I saw it last Thursday (its only being shown two Thursdays this month in select cities). 

Its a great documentary for so many reasons. One - the music is awesome. Two - the DJs/Producers/Artists showcased are incredible. Three - it gives an intriguing glimpse into how these artists create music. It shows them creating the environment they need to generate ideas and to just riff and collaborate with others until something really cool forms. Four - it is a really fun exploration of the opportunities and challenges of Old School and New School coming together to make music. Overall, the documentary was really interesting and done really well. It tells a great story and keeps your attention for an hour and a half. 

You can Download the songs that Skrillex, DJ Premier, Crystal Method, Pretty Lights and Mark Ronson produce in the documentary for free here. They're all great: 

Downtempo Listening for a Sunday Morning - New Suburban Dream & Smoke Machine

Happy Sunday everyone - it's a chill day in Madison and Suburban Dream sent me a new track from his forthcoming EP to drop in March. It's called "Switch It All Off" and is real groovy Suburban Dream - always very pleasant groove, always  intriguing. It has a nice downtempo, atmospheric build up and then a solid bass drop that adds a nice rythmic undertone.

I also have been perusing my Soundcloud Dashboard and saw a new Smoke Machine track that he posted a few weeks ago but that is new to me today. It's got a similar downtempo vibe but is a bit heavier, like of like loungy deep house. I'm enjoying both tracks today. You can even download this one too - just clikc "Buy this track" and it actually takes you to a free DL link. Take a listen:

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