Friday, May 11, 2012

Drift to Center - Eclectic EDM Mix by Sounds Defy Gravity

Last night I came across this fantastic mix by MIKE NOUVEAU - a Los Angeles based DJ and musician, and author behind the Sounds Defy Gravity music blog. When I mixes catch my attention, its because I either get drawn in by the first song or I click through the mix and scan for interesting music or mixing techniques. This mix immediately got my attention with a slightly glitchy downtempo trip hop beat that then increases and decreases tempo throughout the mix and wanders between different types of house and bass music. This mix is quite impressive - the music selection works so well together and remains interesting throughout, and the transitions are incredibly smooth. It's a great spring/summer mix that you can lounge to or get up and move to - very versatile listening that doesn't disappoint. Listen and download it here, and check out Sounds Defy Gravity for the tracklist:

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