Saturday, March 10, 2012

AKUSMATIC - In a Minimal Mood - minimal deep techno

I love it when I get connected with new (to me) artists via Twitter and the blogosphere. A DJ/beatmaker out of Germany named Akusmatic recently followed me on Twitter and I checked out his stuff - I'm really digging his minimal techno work. It's all quite nice, steady beats that trance you out and chill you out at the same time - not too fast, not too slow. His sounds also have an organic feel, something natural about them - I think its in the structure of the beats - there's nothing too overwhelming, like he knows that simplicity and perfect repetition can go a long way. It helps that the guy is a trained bass player and percussionist. Check it out and follow him on twitter @akusmatic

Sunday, March 4, 2012

DJ EROK - Live DJ MegaSet (Part 2 of 2) @ Natt Spil - the Cool Down - feat more J Boogie, Thievery Corp, Amon Tobin, Quiet Village, more

This is the conclusion to my 4-hour set at Natt Spil in Madison on Wednesday night. It was a very chill end to the evening, providing a downtempo ambiance for people to wrap up their meals, cocktails and conversations at 2 AM. Couldn't be happier with how this set turned out, and how many people came to me that evening asking about which song was currently playing and how to hear the mix later. Thanks again for listening everyone. Keep reading Downbeatscape for more like this - from myself and the greater world of music. Stay chilled...

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