Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wise Jazzanova

Thoughts on Properly Chilled Propercast #6 - interview with Jazzanova:

1) Host: "What is music to you?" Jazzanova: "It's just a feeling, that's it."

The band listens to their tracks and detaches from their instruments- just listening and feeling. This sentiment is echoed by many ambient fans - that's what chillout is, its mood music, something you can immerse yourself in, or background that sets a personal tone.

2) Host: "How has the internet affected your relationship with listeners?" Jazzanova: "Its connected our music to so many people, but disconnected us as artists from our fans."

Never thought of the internet's effect this way. When Jazzanova started in the mid-90's they got faxes, phone calls, authentic personal correspondence. Fans engaged directly with Jazzanova. They got feedback - people that took this time were passionate. Now, people listen on the internet, seek artists on MySpace, and though music is heard through more channels, FANS don't reach out, except to maybe be a Facebook friend.

I see what Jazzanova means - it's easy to have a surface relationship with an artist, and even easier to be satisfied with that end. That said, fans and Jazzanova can take it up a notch. They can use tools of the internet to connect. We can email, post blogs, comment on playlists, send photos, music. Ever think of emailing your favorite artist once in a while? Would they get annoyed? or appreciate your thoughts? You'd have to be genuine and chill, nobody likes a rabid fan...

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