Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas - Free Downloads!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In the spirit of giving, this posting lists my favorite sites to get free downloads or stream excellent beats...here goes!!

www.properlychilled.com/music/downloads - free downloads of entire albums and songs
www.quaketrap.com/downloads - song downloads of experimental, trip-hop tunes
www.quango.com/promo/victoriassecret - download Bitter:Sweet's "Dirty Laundry"
www.idyllicmusic.com/music - Idyllic downloads from Idyllic albums
www.emusic.com - subscription service that offers free trial period
www.download.com - search for favorite artists, many of them offer one or two free downloads

www.slacklineradio.com - excellent mix of chill, dub, trip-hop - balance to relax or move to, your choice
www.buzzoutroom.com - ambient tracks galore
www.lounge-radio.com - veeeery loungy, focused chill
www.betalounge.com - another great mix of chill, acid jazz, trip-hop, reggae

www.properlychilled.com/music/sessions/pcast (The Propercast - see right sidebar)

*Podcast list from Calmscape (www.calmscape.com) - visit Calmscape to view descriptions of each podcast.

I thought of doing this post after reading a notice in Properly Chilled's most recent newsletter. They are doing somethin new and cool, pairing a drink recipe with a free downloard. Pretty cool, check out the notice:

New: Monthly Drink Special

Debuting in January is a new feature called the Drink Special. Each month Properly Chilled will feature a new drink recipe and pair it with a complementary, free song download. Keep looking out for the next newsletter for more about this new feature. Tune in to Propercast 8 for a sneak preview of the recipe. If you'd like to get involved with the Drink Special as a music or drink sponsor, or just want to help spread word, get in touch.

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