Saturday, February 9, 2008

ESL Web Site Redesign

So Thievery Corporation and ESL Music don't need any help with attention. But I just checked out their redesigned web site and love it. It really puts the ESL artists front and center, highlighting new releases and tour dates. Gotta help us see the artists we love.

In other news, posts have been slow b/c work has been extremely busy. Oh and my laptop blew up - literally. I'm sitting on my couch watching TV, writing some emails - and the computer goes ZZZZT! Geek Squad informs me an electrical malfuntion fried my processor and motherboard. Thank goodness my hard drive is okay, but like a schmuck, i didnt' back it up. So I'm not downloading any music until I get my new laptop -- Its painful.

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chris said...

Ouch! You know external memory is so cheap and so useful these days. Hope you didn't lose any music.

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