Monday, March 31, 2008

Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician

Cool to meet some young trip-hop and downtempo fans at a PR/marketing career fair this weekend. I'm representing my company and two girls I had met in passing moons ago approached to learn more. We started talking PR and somehow changed to music - Sigur Ros, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack. So good to talk music in a completely random situation.

I referred one to Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician for some smooth trip-hop. Fat Jon has created beats around the world, becoming known in Cincinnati underground early in the 90's, working in experimental hip-hop and eventually moving to Berlin. In Europe he met many collaborators, flowing over his and others' beats, reminiscent of his Cincinnati and Five Deez roots (his first collaborative group), but with an even more progressive sound. His mixology evokes early Roots with a trip-hop flavor and his rhymes, when he feels compelled, is reminiscent of Mos Def.

Click the heading to visit and listen to some tracks.

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