Saturday, June 7, 2008

General Fuzz

Work has wasted the last week of my life - I truly need a chillout mood right now. The Downbeatscape email queue has been active these days, so I dont check my spam filter. But I did tonight - and among the "VI8AG9A You're A MILLION EURO BMW Price Pak Winner" emails I found a message from General Fuzz. Basically, it said "I give away music, listen some."

Bwah! His tunes are so chill. In the vein of my Brian Eno post, General Fuzz has some absolutely beautiful melodies. "Cool Aberrations" would be pure Eno ambient if you stripped the energy from Fuzz's electronica additions. Its beautiful, quirky, and heart-felt.

All of his music is available for free on his site under a Creative Commons agreement - basically his willingness to, and want, to help y'all ease into a good mood. The iciing on the cake is his descriptive and honest writing on his blog and site - he explains his creative motivations, the difficulties of the recording and distribution process, and the sincere obligation he feels to share his creations with us for free.

Summer's here, bust out the Fuzz.

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