Sunday, July 27, 2008

Suburban Dream's latest release

Its exciting - all the different people who contact me from around the world. Downbeatscape has been in touch with Downtempo artists, producers, DJs from the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and now Ireland.

Producer Ciaran McCarthy created Suburban Dream Recordings in Dublin, Ireland not too long ago- in the later months of 2007. Ciaran's goal is to release one or two singles every other month or so, and since launching, has blessed us with 3 releases. The first is "We Choose Death" - a dark, industrial downtempo beat that is an underground club dream. The next is the single "Crowd Control - Been Elected" - a trip-hop anthem with reggae undertones that highlights Suburban Dreams DJ and production skills, and is aggressively different from its accompanying track "New Buzz." This track is a jazzy downtempo tune that borders on ambient. With this release, Suburban Dream gives a flavor of what's in store.

Suburban Dream sent me the latest single "Everything Provided But...Part 1" which includes two downtempo and ambient tracks: "Music" and "They Start Out Using." "Music" is a sensitive tribute to, well, music. An opening monologue introduces what I'd assume to be Ciaran's philosophy - that music can accompany any experience and should be on at all times possible. The track has a delicate, rolling drum foundation with piano and horns that take turns with the spotlight. Like "Been Elected," "They Start Out Using" is a different downbeat style from its counterpart (Music). "Using" has sharper edges and popping drum sequences that are softened by electronic bells and keyboard rhythms. The song is ultimately about marijuana - the kids start using...

I told Ciaran it makes me think of all the suburban kids and their moms and dads - all of them are smoking and they're all hiding it from each other. Oh the suburbs...but I can tell you, Suburban Dream isn't for suburban consumption, their first singles are definitely for anyone who wants good downtempo to chill to or to mix in as a cool off track in their club mix.

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