Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mystic Man & Eshamanjaro Remix - check the "Rambler"

Reso and Hektagon remix Mystic Man & Eshamanjaro’s jazzy and rambling breaks and hip-hop hooks in their own respective style. Reso’s drum and bass influence deconstructs “Minds I” to deliver an extroverted electronica remix of what once was a reflective downtempo self-exploration. Meanwhile, Hektagon remixes “The Rambler” – an appropriate track considering Hektagon’s specialty in mixing dub and breakbeats while staying true to the track’s original intent.

Reso has a tendency to deconstruct. Many of his remixes carry only a sliver of semblance of the original track. True to form, Reso’s remix of “Minds I” only takes broken loops of the original “Minds I” vocal hook and adds completely new techno beats. Even listeners who know “Minds I” wouldn’t recognize Reso’s remix. Reso adds a whole new dimension and removes the introspective tone of the original. The electronica spin creates a new wonder and drum and bass amazement. It’s a techno track now, devoid of what once was “Mind’s I.”

Hektagon tends to hold on to the spirit of the original tracks he remixes. On “The Rambler” Vocal Remix, Hektagon masterfully shifts the song’s energy between dub, techno and jazz while keeping the tumbling drums, big band horns and pinball effects. This remix cuts the best vocal slices from Eshamanjaro and remixes Mystic Man’s beats to create a new flow shifts between a trip-hop lounge vibe and hip hop showcase.

A final remix, Hektagon’s “Rambler” Dub Remix, focuses on the beats and removes the track’s vocals. The original version had a rambling vocal flow that was accentuated by Eshamanjaro’s rhymes. This version makes the music ramble with purpose, creating an engaging and fresh take on an already unique sound.

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