Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sixty4k - thanks for this beautiful discovery

Just started following @Sixty4K the Ambient Rockstar on Twitter, first thing I usually do when I follow someone is check out their web site, Facebook, ReverbNation, whatever... Went to his site Sixty4K the Ambient Rockstar and couldn't stop listening to this beatiful track/video he found on YouTube - a Zimbabwe-born singer/songwriter named Tinashe (@tinashemusic) who resides in London and makes beautiful music


Ashley said...

That was amazing. I'm so addicted to this song already.

Thanks for posting.

Downbeatscape said...

Thanks for reading Ashley, I can't stop listening to it either. Have a great New Years!

Mike said...

it's such a beautiful track, and thanks for following, will try and keep it interesting.

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