Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty Lights - Glowing in the Darkest Night EP

Pretty Lights is hands down my favorite DJ/producer talent in the last year. His fusion of breaks, dubstep, electro-hip hop and classic vocal samples of some of our favorite hip hop artists(Biggie, Tupac, etc) is a mashup that I've stayed in love with over the past year.

In 2010, Pretty Lights (based in Colorado) has released a series of 3 EPs. The third - Glowing in the Darkest Night - was just released today and can be downloaded for FREE on his web site. In fact, all of his music can be downloaded for free on his web site - pay what you will. I encourage you to sample some tracks and throw him some cash, this music can't happen without our financial support.

Pretty Lights is a staple of my DJ sets, and I can't get enough of his beats and genre mashups. Keep it comin, keep it comin.

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