Friday, June 17, 2011

Boom Festival 2012 Dates Announced! Plus Boom Documentary in the Works

Boom Festival 2012 is July 28th to August 4 - Portugal! Boom is an incredible festival built around the universal and primal ideal of peace, love and creation - manifested through the arts. It's a cross between Woodstock (and it's peace/love vibe) vs. Burning Man (it's experimental, utopian ideals) vs. Electric Zoo (amazing electronic music - from downtempo international to psytrance). I've seen and discovered DJs here who have blown my mind, from Dasha Rush (minimalist electro) to Heyoka (San Francisco, tribal dubstep) and it's all about letting yourself go and embracing the primal nature of music.

There's all sorts of live music and DJs - outdoor tents the Groovy Beach, Sacred Fire, Dance Temple and, my downtempo favorite, Ambient Paradise.

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