Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Future of TRAKTOR

Traktor has released a sneak peak at new technology that combines the best of DJ tech with real-time production technology and workflow. I'm really excited for this 1) because it will enable a whole host of plug and play and all-in-one opportunities for real time mixing and production - there is a ton of creative room and potential here, especially for experienced producers who want to DJ, or experienced DJs who want to produce; and 2) because I think this will also make producing more accessible for DJs who aspire to produce more. Some may say that sux - why would we want to get newbies into producing the same way digital DJing has enabled scores of amateur DJs to dilute the pool of talent. But I'm a firm believer that the more opportunity and capability people have to be creative just inspires everyone and puts more ideas out there for people to build on. So bring it Traktor - keep innovating with the technology - I can't wait to see this hybrid tech when it comes out.

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