Saturday, March 3, 2012

DJ EROK - Live DJ MegaSet (Part 1 of 2) @ Natt Spil, Madison WI - feat JBoogie, Pretty Lights, Mux Mool, Gramatik, Trentemoller, Big Gigantic, more

I had the pleasure of DJing a 4-hour set at Natt Spil in Madison this week. The venue is fantastic - a very loungy bar with carved tree trunks and stylized wood carvings for chairs and tables. It's a DJ's bar - where people can come as they are, its cash only, and the patrons are very appreciative of really good eclectic music. They want to hear different things, new things that engage them and make them want to learn more. It was a great night - a night of a range of downtempo that you can hear for yourself in this free megamix. (NOTE: this is Part 1 - I will post Part 2 soon, the chillout to the end of the night...)


Amacord said...

lovin it :)
tracklist available?

Downbeatscape said...

Really glad you're lovin it! I will post a track list this week, please stay tuned - its a lot of music! Stay chilled...

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