Thursday, July 26, 2012

Album Review: Rapping with Paul White - The Room Below Versions

UK producer Paul White is often included in the same conversation as Flying Lotus and Diplo for his experimental and other-worldly music production. His latest album "Rapping with Paul White" (One Handed Music label) ventures into hip hop, working with underground rappers such as Guilty Simpson, Tranqill, Moe Pope and more. The album was released this year and recently received a really cool electronic make-over by producer Henry Keen, aka The Room Below. This re-edit/total success is a wandering electronic hip hop odyssey that showcases really creative production and hip hop talent. The Room Below took the entire "Rapping with Paul White" album and re-did everything using drum machines and synths. His interpretation is amazing and worth many listens. You can stream and download the "Room Below" Versions below, plus listen to the originals - compare for yourself and enjoy!

My two fav songs on the album are "Stampeding Elephants" and "One of Life's Pleasures."

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