Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Mix 2: Compa - Lucid Mix (WEARELUCID.NET))

Here's a great downtempo, bass-heavy mix to get you through the week - Compa's Lucid Mix for WEARELUCID.NET. Compa is a UK based DJ and producer who is gaining traction as a future garage trailblazer, creating bass heavy dubs that are equally deep, penetrating and energizing. This mix starts early with some hip hop and reggae, introducing you to the bass rhythms that he progressively drops lower and deeper throughout the set with his own original tracks.

Check more Compa on Soundcloud, every Wednesday from 2-4 PM on Sub.FM, and more like this at WEARELUCID.NET - a big thanks to WEARELUCID.NET for exposing me to Compa and sharing awesome music.

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