Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Mix #7: Ninja Tune Solid Steel ft. DJ Kentaro

Ninja Tune's monthly Solid Steel online radio show is always a fantastic mix of eclectic sounds. Coldcut, Ninja Tune's founders, always start the show with an hour long set that ranges from trip hop to funk to ambient, and then they pass it to a guest DJ who performs another hour. This month's guest is DJ Kentaro - a Ninja Tune turntablist (and DMC Turtablism Gold Medalist) who just released a new album "Contrast." Many of his new tracks are featured in his mix, which has a hip hop vibe with downtempo dance and dubstep elements, and a healthy dose of impressive scratching. He also features new music by Slugabed, another Ninja Tune artist. When I heard this mix I instantly went out and bought both new albums by DJ Kentaro and Slugabed - great additions to the downtempo library. You'll like this mix if you like Rusko, Foreign Beggars, downtempo dubstep, turtablism and Ninja Tune in general.

DJ Kentaro - new album "Contrast" (Ninja Tune)
Slugabed - new album "Time Team" (Ninja Tune)

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