Saturday, December 8, 2012

Suburban Dream - "Not Dead, But Sleeping" New EP & Mix

Suburban Dream is back with 3 new downtempo tracks of his signature hip hop beats, scratches and chilled lounge sounds. Ciaran McCarthy is Suburban Dream and he's been sharing his music with me for a few years now. He consistently delivers a uniquely chilled out sound built over simple (yet very effective) drum breaks with introspective vocal samples that create an overall downtempo, lounge mood. I also particularly love how his samples and lyrics always have a loose connection to the stereotypes of suburban life - its an interesting commentary on the fear many of us face: being exiled to the boredom and irrelevance of the suburbs. For example his lyrics in "Switch It All Off" are telling: "Can you focus on anything? I can't focus on anything. Do you understand what you're feeling? I just want to switch it all off." And the titles of his new tracks say it as well - "Switch It All Off," "Safely Sane," and "Not Dead, But Sleeping."

Take a listen below, and also check out his mix for the Late Lounge Sessions on Urban Jazz Radio, a downtempo show based out of Antwerp in Belgium. Happy chillin'...

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