Sunday, February 19, 2012

Downtempo Listening for a Sunday Morning - New Suburban Dream & Smoke Machine

Happy Sunday everyone - it's a chill day in Madison and Suburban Dream sent me a new track from his forthcoming EP to drop in March. It's called "Switch It All Off" and is real groovy Suburban Dream - always very pleasant groove, always  intriguing. It has a nice downtempo, atmospheric build up and then a solid bass drop that adds a nice rythmic undertone.

I also have been perusing my Soundcloud Dashboard and saw a new Smoke Machine track that he posted a few weeks ago but that is new to me today. It's got a similar downtempo vibe but is a bit heavier, like of like loungy deep house. I'm enjoying both tracks today. You can even download this one too - just clikc "Buy this track" and it actually takes you to a free DL link. Take a listen:

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