Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sound Spectrum Saturday - Music by Emancipator, Project 46,, Tru Thoughts and Daddy

I'm back from Costa Rica where I was truly off the grid for two weeks, and I'm ready to share great (and always interesting in SOME way) music. Today's Sound Spectrum Saturday includes music new and old from established and emerging artists. Give it all a try, you never know what you might like...enjoy and remember, stay chilled!

Emancipator - Emancipator is a Portland-based experimental trip hop duo of a production DJ and violinist. They've been releasing amazing independent trip hop on Loci Records (Portland) for several years and they have a new full length album coming out January 29. I saw them live last night in Madison with Mux Mool (Ghostly International, Detroit) and Tor (Loci Records, Portland) and they put on a great show. These tracks are some of my favorite: Chilled Wax Vol. 1 Compilation / Mix Tape - I'm so glad I found out about - another downtempo blog with similar tone and substance to mine, full of a variety of chillout mixes, styles and artist interviews. The blog has many contributors and is very clean. Not to mention they curate their own mix tapes of great downtempo. Check out their their compilation:

Tru Thoughts, Menagerie "Spiritual Jazz Selector Mix" - Tru Thoughts label (UK) is home to Quantic, Hidden Orchestra and many other artists that fuse jazz, hip hop, and international fusion into a true melting pot of a label. Menagerie is a "spiritual jazz" project on Tru Thoughts, and this is a nice selection/mix of jazz styles, including acid jazz, classical and even some afro-beat in there.

Project 46 - The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb (Project 46 Remix) - Project 46 (Canada) continues to drop great dance and electro tracks on labels like MonsterCat, along with independent remixes. This latest remix is a harder house version of The Killers' "Miss Atomic Bomb."

Daddy's "Love In The Old Days (Kolour Kult Remix)" - FAIR WARNING: This video is kinda messed up. It's a trip to watch and may be disturbing to some. Daddy is James Franco's band and Kolour Cult just remixed one of his songs, and James Franco directed this video which was just released. Based on James Franco's artistic chops this video is worth checking out - I'm kind of conflicted of wether I like it or not, but in the spirit of sharing different things that I'm listening to I wanted to give you the option to critique and experience it as well. Check out the interview with James Franco about the video and his music project on

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