Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bohemian Club Releases - Jelly Llama, Kurt Baggaley, Neil Brett

Alistair at The Bohemian Club label is fantastic at sending me new tracks from the artists he helps distribute. He recently sent me a slew of electronic tracks that I'm really enjoying. All of them are fantastic, and a few really caught my attention with their downtempo electro lounge style, particularly from these three artists, straight from Alistair (thanks for all the info and music!):  

Jelly Llama - Jelly Llama is Jim Geatches, a musician and producer who has been dabbling in electronica since the 90s. Influenced by Leftfield and Orbital, he combines synthetic loops, subtle percussive layers and obscure film samples, weaving together ambient, minimalistic electronica and breakbeat to create music that cannot be easily categorised. His first release was 'Reveries of Orange EP' on The Bohemian Club last summer and he is currently working on his debut album. Check out "Reveries of Orange" here:

Kurt Baggaley - Kurt Baggaley is a producer from England. He gained attention writing for labels like Electrix, SCSI-AV and Templedog since the 1980's, using mainly analog hardware. He writes and produces under many guises, which allow him to dabble in many styles without putting himself in a box, such as Dr. Futurist (electro), Tactical Systems (techno-bass), Tau Sagittarii (experimental/electronic scores) and under his own name (minimal/synth). His tracks are nice and steady, and the track "Natural Phases" really caught my attention - listen and watch "Natural Phases" here: 

Neil Brett - Neil has been interested in electronic music since he bought his first 12 inch record and watching the film Break Dance. He got into break dancing, collecting street sounds electro albums, and quickly learned how to use drum machines and synths. At sixteen he bought his first keyboard and was heavily influenced by acid house, at least as much as he can remember. Check out the track "EasyK" below and you'll hear the influence....

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