Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Artifakts - Midwest Electro Hip Hop

I saw GRiZ at Terminal 5 in New York City last Friday and to my surprise the highlight was his openers -The Floozies and Artifakts. (GRiZ was just okay, he quickly forgot his sax and devolved into a poor man's Bassnectar and leaned on dubstep way too much for my taste). I had Floozies tracks but had not heard of Artifakts. So he took the stage first and immediately grabbed the audience - triggering funky samples and beats to command the audience and bring them into his sounds.

I'm from Milwaukee, so I loved hearing he's from Minneapolis - MIDWEST 4 LIFE! His sound is great, it's got that funky electro hip hop flavor similar to Gramatik, Pretty Lights, GRiZ (makes sense for his tour), Odesza, you name em. Check out this mini-mix here and follow him on Soundcloud!

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