Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Downbeat Lounge Selection Vol 5 - March 2016

Here's 15 new tracks, selected and curated by EROK, just for you. This is the Downbeat Lounge Selection - Vol 5 (March 2016). Meant to chill and listen and enjoy as you see fit. This selection features beautiful new bass and melody from Monstercat - one of my favorite labels. There are two Monstercat tracks in this selection - "Lark" by Direct, and "Clouds" by Loosed. Both are airy songs with reverberating baselines and organic, natural melodies - nice 70-90 BPM brooders.

"Musical Genocide" (Grzly Adams Edit) by Gregory Porter is a jazzy break beat - straight forward and groovy jam. And my other favorite in this selection is "Platforming" by Kneebody and Daedalus, an amazing collaboration that I got to see live a few weekends ago at Le Poisson Rouge - my favorite venue in New York City. Enjoy!

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