Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thornato - Things Will Change EP / Chapinero Single

I'm absolutely jamming to this new track "Chapinero" by Thornato - a NYC based producer on Wonderwheel Records (Nickodemus, Zeb, Sid Vaga, Spy From Cairo, more).

"Chapinero" is a worldly house track with dance floor tribal percussion, wood wind gusts and trap inspired rhythms. The song is pure fun and very flexible - you can play it in any party DJ set and use it as a feature track or sample this thing all over the place to create your own monster floor mover.

This is the first time I've heard of Thornato, the producer on Wonderwheel. His album carries the vibe of "Chapinero" through a few other songs, and its a fantastic EP. Anything that comes out on Wonderwheel is going to be interesting, and this stays true. I highly recommend it.

Check out the track and Thornato's EP at Bandcamp:

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