Monday, October 29, 2007

Aesop Rock

I can't wait to leave work, hit the gym, and listen to new Aesop Rock~! I haven't been this excited for hip-hop since Danger Mouse and MF Doom collaborated as Danger Doom. Aesop's new album "None Shall Pass" came out in August and is phenomenal (so far!)

I listened to a few tracks on my morning commute and had to put my reading away, I just needed to rock out, the beats were so engaging. I love Aesop because, as his name suggests, he's a master story teller. You follow the beat, the song, the groove, and you get into his story. Check out Aesop if you like Atmosphere, Beastie Boys, RJD2... hip-hop mashed with dub, jazz, downbeat.

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