Saturday, November 3, 2007

Slackline Radio

Chris at Slackline Radio sent me a kind note of support the other day. It was great to hear positive feedback, and reinforced what I'm trying to do for myself and others: get exposed to even more of the chillout scene, and create conversation about it.

I hadn't yet heard of Slackline, so I checked it out- and I was pleased. I stream BuzzOut Room often, but I'm definitely going to be a frequent listener to Slackline now too.

What I like about Slackline: It's downtempo everything - not just ambient. It flows through dub, trip-hop, acid jazz, experimental downbeat stuff. It doesn't lose your attention. You can sit and listen, or get up and move to everything they play - its strikes a nice balance. BuzzOut Room is great for strict ambient music - spacy and very atmospheric. Slackline fills the rest - it has great variety and is very engaging.

Check it out at The site also features many reviews of well-known downtempo artists such as Boards of Canada, Thievery Corporation, Alif Tree, and I was sooo happy to see Baseheadz reviewed. If you're not familiar with Baseheadz, i'll blog about em soon ( think chilled trip-hop inspired by DJ Shadow and the Roots)

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nishant said...

RJD2 pretty much ditched doing hip hop songs.

here is his entire discography:

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