Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bran Van 3000 - new album Oct 30, 2007

A friend turned me on to Bran Van 3000 and I instantly fell in love (with BV3, not the friend). Reminds me of the Avalanches. They were big in late 90's with a single "Drinking in L.A." and made us groove with happy, folksy dub rock . Check out www.officialbranvan3000.com

They are releasing a new album, Rose - on October 30, 2007 (according to their site). We saw its on pre-sale on Canadian Amazon too. This new one is described as "hip-hop electro R&B" - which sure as hell makes me look forward to listening.
Quote of the day, from the same friend that brought me BV3: "My coat fits you well, I have shoulders like a linebacker."

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ZenDenizen said...

Do you know if the Spanish part at the end of Astounded was sampled from somewhere or if it was an original written for the song? 3000 Razons… Thanks in advance, zendenizen@gmail.com

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