Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Properly Chilled Propercast 7 Review, Part 2 - The Music!

Propercast #7 starts in a way that no other Propercast has, with reggae and funk, balanced with relaxed and wah'ed guitars driven by quiet, downbeat drum and bass. In fact the opening track is Bob Marley's "Sun is Shining" (Yes King remix from Quango - a label that has released the likes of Kruder and Dorfmeister and Zero 7). Yes, Marley is the King and you feel like the sun is beating on your face, drinking Dark & Stormy's in Jamaica.

Marley slides into Ashtech's "Beat da Drum Gringo" which you can imagine from the name, is about relaxin', beatin da drum and enjoying life. The reggae-fest continues with a silly song "Pork Eater" from Ticklah. If this song wasn't so chill, i'd bust out laughing - its really just about eating pork.

After these first three songs, the tempo picks up and the vibe distinctly travels across the Atlantic - the guitar picks up and feels distinctly Spanish or Portuguese. Tracks from Deela and Romanowski, though not from Spain, takes us there and drops up in a spanish villa with not a care in the world.

This vibe continues as new tracks from Federico Aubele's Panamericana intro and conclude his interview.

I love the flow of this Propercast. They slowly awaken us from slumber with downtempo reggae, rays of sun on our face and as we rise from our pillows, they engage us with guitars and then electronic beats and organic world music.

If you check out any tracks from this Propercast, I recommend the first three reggae tunes and then "Yes Mr. B" by Lodekka. Rise and shine.

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chris said...

I have been on a dub kick as of late myself so this podcast is most welcome. Gaudi and Ashtech are both visionaries in the style and their latest releases are stellar. Pitch Black (from New Zealand and not to be confused with another group with the same name) and Timewarp, Inc. are some other good sources of dub sounding music.

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