Sunday, November 11, 2007


Been a few days since the last post. Been busy and need some relax time - so I put on some tunes, or I watch TV, and I hear ambient everywhere I go on TV. During football today (Go Packers!) the new Lexus LS commercial came on with some ambient chillout in the background. The Lexus drives around towering pyramids of crystal glassware, and then parks itself. All this happens over the background of an ambient chilled track.

So i'm thinking about movies and shows and TV and where you hear ambient music. I feel like its mostly in situations with an aspirational element. People want that Lexus LS that parks itself, they want to be like Christian in Nip/Tuck, they want to kick back and have an expensive martini on some lush pillows. Anyone remember the Dramboui and Cola commercial where the bartender licks the ice cube as she pours a dramboui for a customer. THe downtempo tunes in the background set the scene.

And now off to Atlanta, i'm going to try to hit up a good chillout scene while i'm there for a few days, anyone have suggestions?

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